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Jaguar symbolizes spiritual guidance, power, and awakening.

The eye-shaped rosettes that cover Jaguar’s coat gives it the ability to see ALL the universal truths in every direction.

This inner knowing and seeing comes in through its body, causing a physical sensation. How is your intuition speaking through your body? Are you trusting it?

Jaguar has access to all realms and finds ways to bring useful information back to Earth from its dreams/visions (as it plays in the water) and Spirit (as it climbs high in the trees).

With Jaguar’s impressively strong bite, you can take on any size job or challenge. Devouring it in one enormous leap, you may use it as fuel to thrive. You know the best way to tackle it (which for Jaguar is not head on, but from the side or behind, taking others by surprise).

-Tanya Casteel

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Jaguar symbolism dream meaning

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