Tanya Casteel

As an artist, writer & intuitive seer, I strive to create beauty to inspire others to feel more connected to themselves, nature, and each other. I want to help others live from a more authentic place and to create their own meaning. I love to study animals and draw wisdom from the way they move through our world to improve the way I engage with humanity.

I’m interested in the tension that’s created when we dance with what WE want to happen VS what actually WANTS to happen. As I paint, I play with this balance by creating an animal container for water, color, and energy to flow in. Then I bring these skills forth to practice in my everyday life.

I offer my art as a source of inspiration to help you connect with nature. Leading you to discover and listen to your own intuition, which encourages you to express your unique gifts to the world. Let your intuition speak through your imagination!

Live Events:

  • Sept 22nd

Violet Owl Wellness

Cosmic animal painting WORKSHOP! Learn how to paint and connect with cosmic animals.

Violet Owls Wellness, 1-3pm

Downtown Asheville, NC

  • Sept 29 & 30

Art On Main

Hendersonville, North Carolina – Historical Downtown

  • November 3rd & 4th

Crafty Bastards

Nashville, TN – Downtown The Gulch

10 AM – 4 PM at 1201 Laurel St.

Please contact me to inquire about:

  • Art commissions
  • Booking a meditation & painting workshop
  • Doing a podcast interview
  • Starting a wholesale account for your shop or gallery.


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