Dive into my magical world of watercolor, stories, spirit animals, and imagination.

Discover what spirit animals want to work with you. What wisdom and medicine do they offer?

Let my galaxy style watercolor paintings inspire you to remember who you are, trust your intuition, and use your unique gifts.

Spirit Animal Discovery

How do you find your spirit animals?

There are several methods for finding your spirit animals.

I offer a unique experience to connect you with your spirit animal guides. Through my visual meditation practice, I’m able to go on a journey to meet with the spirit animal who most wants to work with you at this time.

I offer a “discovery video” which tells the story of what I experienced during my visualization.

It comes packaged in a personalized Ebook for you! Filled with reflections, symbolism, and ways to integrate your spirit animal’s wisdom into your life.

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How to find your spirit animals?


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