Ocelot & Margay

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Ocelot symbolizes vision, focus, and intuition.

Ocelots have an incredible perception that allows them to see and understand the world in ways that others can not.

The Ocelot is equally comfortable on land as it is in water. This allows Ocelot people to easily connect with both the physical and dream world.

The Ocelot’s ability to see so clearly brings love, guidance, consideration, and protection to others; but don’t forget to look inward. The more you know about yourself and your own personal needs, the more you’ll have to offer others and give from a full heart rather than perceived obligation.

Alone time will also be important for you. So make sure you have your own sacred space to retreat to so you can recharge your energy.

Ocelots, like all cats, bring awareness to your sensual nature and ask you to feel things in your body. Intellectual understanding and ideas are not enough. Invite your body to participate with you in life.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Ocelot experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Carolynn Younghusband

    Last month I had 2 Ocelots together come to me in my dreams ~ I am part of Costa Rica for over 12 years. I am a wellness and spiritual practitioner. I know they were sending me a message but I did not know what it was. They were not afraid of me but rather we felt great trust and love between us.

    In 2015 /2016 I had a mother Ocelot and her 2 cubs come to me in my dreams ~ again… I travel even in my dreams to Costa Rica.
    I receive guidance always points me to come back to Costa Rica to the Pacific ocean to live and offer my healing sessions and teachings… to help others. I am patiently allowing my unfolding… as I am still here in TOronto

    • Tanya Casteel

      Oh wow, so powerful! I love how you are patiently allowing it all to unfold as you know and trust in your Ocelot guides. I find it really interesting that they come in pairs and you are kept being brought back to Costa Rica. Great dreams, thanks for sharing.

      • Jennifer Merritt

        I dreamed an ocelot was in my home. It shape shifted into an indigenous boy. the ocelot was sparkly, otherworldly and had a smirk on its face. I’ve never dreamed of ocelot before

    • Dax

      Have you looked into Feline Lyran Starseeds? An Ocelot is one type of Feline Lyran that used to reside on the long gone planet Mintakan.

  2. Angelos

    A few months ago i was talking to the forest in French Guiana, and after i finished there was an Ocelot waiting for me on the path to return home. He was not afraid and i managed to get as close as a few meters from him. I know that it was a message from the forest because i had just asked for a sign.

  3. Cosmic Margaret

    I dreamed of this amazing ocelot purchased on a limb of a huge tree, she proceeded to climb down to greet me, we locked eyes intensely as though the cosmic mother was downloading much information , intensity, trust, compassion and love filled my soul for days, thinking of her and the cosmic gift she infused into my soul, she then quietly and serenely moved back up the tree as I honored and gave much graditude for her powerful intended presence.


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