Bobcat & Lynx

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Bobcat & Lynx symbolize inner reflection, solitude, and secrecy.

Seeking solitude in the dark is exactly where you need to be right now.

Befriend the dark and embrace it. It’s healthy to take a break from outside voices, perspectives, and influences. Tune into yourself. Discern which ideas, beliefs, programming, and feelings are yours and not yours.

Don’t give away your power to others by allowing them to process your thoughts and feelings for you. Keep your inner world sacred and secret for now as you develop your inner strength for discerning what and when to share.

Bobcat embraces times of solitude, knowing it will be a more whole sovereign being when it emerges.

During this time of inner reflection, Bobcat asks:

  • Are you allowing others to influence you too much?
  • What is YOUR actual perspective on things?
  • Are you sharing too much?
  • Are you aware of the power of your words and thoughts (casting spells to aid or hinder yourself)?
  • What if you spoke less? What if you turned off the stories running in your head?
  • Can you drop deep down into a place of ONLY feeling without having to explain, understand, or justify your feelings?
  • Can you let your feelings be, flow, and express without labels or stories?

-Tanya Casteel


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