Lion & Lioness

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Lions symbolize courage, protection, leadership, passionate relationships, and strong self-esteem.

Lion is a powerful “golden leader” that uses integrity and compassion to help shift the world towards positive change.

Lions love the spotlight but succeed best when they lead with cooperation and respect for everyone’s position, allowing each person a chance to shine.

Lions are loyal and passionate and will defend their pack and ideals to the death, but the wisest lions know when to let things be and when it’s best to attack. With practice, you will be better able to discern whether you are spending your energy defending & advocating for a worthy cause or getting caught in an exhausting spiral of resisting opposition.

Lion’s power is best used when they channel their charismatic heart field energy through their throat chakra and ROAR in an empowering way for others and the environment.

You can also use your big roar to breathe passion into your relationships, improve your self-esteem, and create healthy boundaries for yourself.

Lioness is very comfortable with taking on a more dominant role and is excellent at providing for herself and others. Lioness has also given up her intimidating roar and instead chooses to lead by using her influential voice to courageously and calmly ask for what she wants.

-Tanya Casteel

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  1. Lore'e

    Awesome cards!!!!!!

    • Suzett

      I am a kidney dialysis patient at a center where unfortunately I have had many troubles with both staff and the doctor. I see something good in him …..otherwise I would would have already left. He is from a country where women are not given much respect in the sense where they can pursue education, etcetera. I recently had a reading where the Lioness came up and it made perfect sense. I am learning when to put my foot down and and roar when I disagree with medical advice. I am also feeling like there are staff who have hidden adjenda s. I believe it is time to leave but I intend to let this doctor know AFTER I am gone (via letter) how much I appreciated his advice however, there were times when I felt like a non-person due to the way he conducted our monthly appointments. I suspect he is loosing patients and sadly… I said the females on his staff are upset and a part of this problem. I think the Lioness fits here for me.


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