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Cat symbolizes observation, flexibility, curiosity, guardianship, independence, self-discovery, sensuality, magic, mystery, and cleverness.

Cat knows that even in times of stress, it is better positioned to reach its goals when it preserves its energy through quiet observation and taking action at just the right moment.

Cat asks you to curiously explore unknown areas of your life and yourself. It’s time to look at things in a new way.

Call upon Cat to help you see through the darkness of your fears of the unknown, and to develop a harmonious relationship between light and dark that stretches your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual flexibility.

Cat reminds you to balance and feed your need for independent, free thinking with social activities.

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  • Caracal: Catching your dreams through self-care.


  • Cheetah: Grounding with intervals.


  • Jaguar: Spiritual awakening.


  • Lion: True leadership and protection.


  • Lioness: Fierce strength with a calm presence.


  • Bobcat (lynx): Take time to heal in isolation and learn discernment.





  • Tiger: Embracing the body and sensuality.


  • Liger: Best of both cats 😉 “Bred for its skills in magic

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