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Tiger symbolizes power, passion, and sensuality.

Unlike other large cats, Tiger is an excellent swimmer. This enhances your ability to work with the element of water in order to access cleansing and spiritual connections.

Tiger’s most efficient work is done at night when they hunt. They silently move in a slow and careful way. How fast are you moving? Could you benefit from a slower, strategic approach?

The softness of Tiger’s fur brings an awakening to your sense of sensuality through touch, igniting intimate desires and inner passions.

Call on Tiger to help you evaluate options and to make a confident decision in alignment with your heart without worrying about the outcomes of every potential possibility.

Tiger brings you courage to face unconscious feelings of being threatened, as well as a warning to neutralize any aggression you might have towards others.

Lessons In Wild Play

Nature is a master teacher. Research your animal’s habits in the wild and try playing & acting as it. How could this help shift your experiences?



  • The sound waves produced by a Tiger’s roar can actually temporarily paralyze animals and humans. This has been scientifically studied. Are you using this as a gift or a weapon? Practice your way, of discerning when and how it is appropriate to use your roar. This low-frequency sound can even travel through mountains! Be conscious of the power of your words. They expand and ripple further than you think. This does not suggest that you should become quieter, but only more responsible.

  • Tiger’s are awake during the day but hunt at night. Could it be that you are able to do your most efficient work at night? Try it.

  • There is a distinct white dot on the back of Tiger’s black ears, which looks like an eye. This is a message to predators that Tiger is always watching. This is a reminder to practice clear sight with presence and awareness in all dimensions.

  • Just like Zebra, Tiger’s stripes are unique to each individual alone, like a fingerprint. No two Tigers have the same pattern. Own your individuality.



Siberian Tiger:

  • This is the largest of all cats. You have a big presence and power. Don’t make yourself smaller than you are.

Bengal Tiger:

  • They have large territories and travel in solitude over long distances. What could some solo travel time do for you?

White Bengal Tiger:

  • They are very rare and their white coloration is thought to be a defect. It’s not. You are perfectly designed to hold the paradoxes of our world. White Tiger brings the black and white labels of our society together in harmony by seeing the truth within each extreme.

Call on Tiger

Invite Tiger into your life. Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Embody the skills of your power animal and share your unique gifts with the world.

Totem Card

Tiger spirit animal symbolism and meaning

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I want to hear about your Tiger experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Terence McGovern

    A friend was ill, I was administering Reiki for lack of a better term, I have never been formally attuned but have been told I channel a rare form of energy of which I can’t validate but I am sensitive to other peoples energy so why not I figure. In any case it has helped her in the past and requested my assistance. I had my hands placed on the back of her neck and forehead. About 10min in our breathing synchronized I slowed my down, my aim to release her anxiety. At the moment we reached a slowed tempo the image of a tiger appeared. At first it was just the black strips no color but as it got closer the transparency turned to white. I in no way felt threatened though when it introduced itself with a roar; came closer and laid at my feet. Any insight is welcome, most if not all I have read in regards to the symbolism of the tiger I can apply to myself in some way but external interpretations I always find to be helpful. Which in turn raises the question how many animal guides can one have? At present I have 4 guides with me, 2 of which are animals. A fox that is to my left and added recently a piglet that many years ago I had denied because my ego was to inflated. She runs around my feet and keeps a smile on face. I guess you could say I denied my joy but she has now joined me again on my journey. Again any thought are welcome.

    Remember, Learn & create

    • Tanya Casteel

      Hi Terence,
      I love the moment you described during Reiki where you saw a Tiger. Especially the part where it started out as just black stripes. I had a similar vision during one of my journey meditations. Once with a Tiger and once with a Zebra. In both cases, the message was the same. “They must touch” referring to opposites (black and white). Both times when these opposites were brought together color was created – all the colors – rainbows came out of the Tiger’s and Zebra’s mouths in some form (roar). Finding that balance point in the middle of all opposites creates magic and possibility. When balancing a ROAR this means to channel both your mind and your heart together through your throat chakra to communicate (most of us are too stuck in our mind when we communicate). This message was most likely for both you and your friend who you were performing Reiki on. Yes, we can have many guides and animal guides. They work as a team. I have several guides. Some of them are animals and some are not. Currently, my main guide is Raven. I also work closely with an Ocelot cat and a Feathered Serpent. Animal guides can shift throughout our lives and some can just stop by to give us a message. Usually, we have a couple of main guides that stay with us. I LOVE your piglet by the way!

  2. Windy Skykicker

    My spirit guide always appears as a giant tiger with curved bull horns, sometimes a white tiger and sometimes orange.

    On the first journey where I met my guide, (s)he leapt straight at me with a snarl and a very loud roar, essentially a test of my own inner strength and bravery.

    (S)he is my guide and my protector, particularly during any magical workings and astral travel. Once, (s)he even overturned a Faerie feast while I was journeying in that realm in order to remove the temptation of me eating there… let’s just say that even the Fey weren’t eager to tangle with a giant tiger spirit.

    For me, my guide is a reminder of my own strength, to not fear or be manipulated by anyone.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Absolutely!!! I love this share, thank you.

  3. Taryn

    I recently have had a spiritual awakening say a year ago.. and I began getting clairvoyant visors and one of the last visions I had was of a tiger walking through the jungle and since then I’ve felt a huge amount of connection to tigers in general and I’m seeing synchronicity with tigers all the time,, I ca,e hear to find out why I’m seeing tigers
    Amounts do many other things
    Butterflies earlier on too and horses


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