Barred Owl

Meaning, Medicine & Magic


Owl spirit animal symbolizes wisdom, deception, intuition, insight, messenger, mystery, freedom, secrets, stealth, and vision.

Owl enjoys the mysteries of life and has an appreciation for life’s magic.

Owl asks you to examine things how they truly are in order to see things that are usually hidden from view, such as other’s motives.

Using Owl vision allows you to extract secrets beyond the veil of illusion to access information and wisdom. Trust your instincts about people.

During confusing and changing times Owl can help you make confident decisions away from situations that no longer serve you.

Lessons In Wild Play


Nature is a master teacher. Research your animal’s habits in the wild and try playing & acting as it. How could this help shift your experiences?



All Owls:

  • They rely on their flexible necks to observe their world. Keeping your neck stretched and relaxed will help open you up to greater perceptions.


  • Like other birds of prey, Owls have a 3rd eyelid to help clean their eyes. This is a reminder to keep your vision clear and that you already have the tools you need to keep it clean, sharp, and focused. What could be fogging your ability to see situations clearly? What could you clean-up in order to see better? Whatever you’re seeing is more than just wild imagination. Trust it.


  • Owls fly silently due to a feathered fringe on the front of their wings. Practice silently going about your business.

Barred Owls:

  • Their eyes are dark brown (almost looking black) instead of yellow like most Owl’s eyes. This represents your deep connection to the cosmos and creative ability. You can see far and deep.

  • Barred owls like to stand in streams to eat crayfish. Sometimes eating so many crayfish that the feathers on their bellies turn pink! You have the ability to access things from other realms (Spirit, dream, imagination…) and bring them back to this world, manifesting them in personal transformation which serves the highest good of all.


  • The Barred Owl gets its name from the bar-like marks on its feathers. This is a strong symbol of protection, not a jail. Barred Owls know where their personal boundaries are and physically shows this to others. Beaming out self-respect. Is there a way you could adorn yourself to humbly tell others that your space is sacred?


  • How do you communicate with others? Barred Owls are the most vocal of all Owls. Their hoot has a laughter-like rhythm to it. Try bringing more humor and silliness into your conversations with others. We could all use a chuckle.

Splash & Dance…

with Water, Color & Spirit

Watch the magic in lightspeed action…

Call on Barred Owl

Invite Barred Owl into your life. Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Embody the skills of your power animal and share your unique gifts with the world.

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