Blue Heron & Egret

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Blue Heron & Egret symbolize being calm, presence, being at peace, uniqueness, and balance.

Blue Heron asks you to look inside and nurture all aspects of yourself. Embrace your “flaws”, uniqueness, and feelings of shame with self-love. Once you love your whole self and find your inner peace, you’ll be able to bring peace to others, spreading healing throughout the world.

Breath deep, stand in each moment, feel the full spectrum of emotions, and lead with your heart.

Blue Herons walk slowly or stand still for long periods of time when waiting to catch fish, trusting that what they need will come to them at the right time. What areas of your life could you bring more patience to? Sharpen your awareness so you’re ready whenever “it” arrives.

Blue Herons’ uniquely s-shaped necks allow them to stand at a distance and strike quickly at prey. Use this to your advantage. You don’t need to be right in the middle of everything. You can have quick access to things/desires seemingly out of nowhere. Lean on your keen observation and intuition to know the best time to strike.

-Tanya Casteel


Blue Heron symbolism

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I want to hear about your Blue Heron experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Jessica R Osborn

    Wow inspired by your art!

  2. Marina

    I see the blue heron frequently here in the lower Hudson Valley. I always think to myself, “this must be my spirit guide as I can spot a blue heron so easily”. Last week, I decided to open another massage office after a two year break, then I hit a deer and totaled my car. The deer died but I am completely fine. Lamenting my car quandary, I pass a blue heron at the edge of a pond with a fish in his mouth. How grateful and lucky am I? Yours is the first reference I read and your art is incredibly beautiful and fluid. I feel pretty calm and trusting.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Aw thank you. I’m so glad I could help bring some calm and trusting feelings to you through my art and symbolism. I’m so glad blue heron is with you. Sorry to hear of your quandary and I’m glad your feeling hope again.

  3. bradley mason

    I seen a blue heron in Riverside, Cali it waited to catch my attention once I gave it the blue heron turned away and proceeded to show me it’s hunting capability and keen judgment in it’s attack I thought to myself predators are real I even got it on video plus a few up close snap shots

  4. lis

    Love your integration of art nature wisdom earth messages Just beautiful!

  5. Vicky Larson

    I googled “The Magic of Herons” and came upon your lore and video of your painting, truly magic. Great way to start the day, thank you.

  6. Star

    Generally, I’m not a fan of birds but I have been wanting to get a wall painting with a considerable amount of blue in it, so I searched the web for paintings with the color navy blue or just a dark blue. After many failed attempts to find the perfect painting, I stumbled upon the Blue Heron and I had to rationalize why I should purchase this picture of a bird. I finally, ordered the painting and I must say I do like it and it fits the room well. I still need to have it professionally framed. I find myself looking at it often. I have read many reports about the Blue Heron coming into one’s life, however, the blue heron is not my animal guide but maybe it will be as promising to me as to the people whose animal guide is the blue heron. I have never seen a Blue Heron in real life but I feel one day I will.

  7. Natasha Rodrigue

    I always see blue herons… I feel pretty confident in saying it might be my spirit animal… it’s like they find me. I see them flying, in trees, fishing, in the city as well as during camping trips, during odd times where you’d never think to see them… it’s always surprising but this one time in 2009 on a summer vacation to PEI I helped my young daughter count about 30 herons spaced out but on the road leading to our campground!! Well I’m sure it was a message. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before returning to the same spot… this time there was a very different energy on our trip… I had cancer, my husband got strep throat while we were there, we got an ant infestation, it rained the whole time it seemed… and our camper broke on our way home and my husband had to “McGyver it” so we could get home all without the kids knowing of my condition because they were small and we had to figure it out and get confident before letting them in on it. I got treated, I’m all healthy and past the cancer now… thankfully..🙏🏼 It must have been a message because we’ve been back a third and fourth time now and never have we ever seen as many. I don’t see them as frequently anymore but they still make their appearances.❤️
    I love your art work!!! I would love one if your oracle decks If they become available…

  8. Marsha

    I am in my mid 70’s . My manager/friend was terminated 6 weeks ago. It has devastated me as it was a both personal & work related relationship that has been one off the best of my life. Today was the first day we have had a meet up. Much gossip & stress has surrounded her leaving. As we walked and talked and sat on a bench around a pond. I observed a Blue Heron which flew over us. In looking up the meaning it has given me the first real peace I have had in weeks. Even more so, I see you are from Asheville, so are my Grandchildren, teenagers. Who lost their mother months ago. I have been unable to significantly give appropriate support to them, & I am hoping this experience will give me peace to give to them, who need it more.


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