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Peacock symbolizes beauty, wholeness, confidence, and watchfulness.

Peacock’s tail blankets the world, watching over it. Peacock doesn’t focus on what might be missing, but instead turns its attention to the inner beauty that resides within each of us; it sees the essence of everything and how each part is vitally important to the whole. This universal truth radiates confidence and beauty from the inside out in a humbling way.

Peacock’s squawking laughter brings an invitation for joy and gratitude as you shed emotions and identities that no longer serve you, bravely step into a more confident version of yourself, accept what is, and are grateful for all you have.

Male peacocks are not born with magnificent feathers; they start to grow in after three years. Let this be a reminder that growth takes time. Be patient as your inner beauty develops and gets ready to shine!

Peacocks shed their feathers every year. This points to an abundance of beauty. What could you shed in your life? Trusting that you’ll still have more than enough regardless of how much of yourself you share? You can always generate more from within.

-Tanya Casteel


Peacock symbolism

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