Cormorant (shag)

Meaning, Medicine & Magic

Cormorant spirit animal symbolizes taking action, bravery, and resourcefulness.

This regal bird knows exactly what it wants and how to get it. Cormorant is asking you to dive deep to catch your desires. Once a Cormorant commits to something they are usually able to achieve it because of their resourceful behavior and willingness to embrace the unknown.

Cormorants bravely choose to experience heavy challenges because they understand that doing uncomfortable things are necessary in order to achieve their goals. Cormorant is telling you that hard times are actually gifts that are leading you to your soul’s needs.

As a bird, you might find yourself getting caught in mental loops in your head as you soar through the air, but remember that the Cormorant finds food and nourishment in the sea (heart & emotions). Try navigating your feelings through your heart more often than your head and you’ll fill your soul with abundance.

Lessons In Wild Play

Nature is a master teacher. Research your animal’s habits in the wild and try playing & acting as it. How could this help shift your experiences?

  • Cormorants have a shorter wingspan than other birds which helps them swim better. This creates the need for more energy during flight. Deep breath work will help you gather the power you need for longer flight and to dive deeper into the waters of your heart field.

  • Cormorant is also referred to as a sea raven. I recommend studying Raven as they are strongly connected to the Cormorant especially in their brave resourcefulness. Cormorants often swallow stones on purpose to help them dive deeper while fishing. Know that when you’re doing “what it takes” you will not choke. The stones/challenges will hold you down but only temporarily because you consciously chose to take it on knowing that you can let go of it once you’ve achieved a new level of growth. You are clever enough to know that bravely choosing to swallow heavy tasks leads to the deepest growth possible.
  • The Cormorant is often seen spreading their wings out to dry. This is because they don’t secrete enough oil to keep their feathers completely waterproof like other aquatic birds do. They are cleverly designed this way. Cormorants have an advantage over the other fish diving birds because the water weighs down their feathers making it more efficient for them to dive faster and deeper than others. You have this advantage too when you go for what you want. Drying of the wings reminds you to take a moment to open your heart and bask in gratitude after each success instead of diving immediately into the next thing.
  • Besides fish, cormorants actually eat a lot of eels and water snakes. Study Snake to help you better understand the predator-prey relationship you have with Snake. Snake has opposing balancing qualities to offer you.
  • Cormorants producer pellets just like Owl, Hawk, and Eagle. This means that if you take on more than you can chew, swallow it anyway because you will be able to learn from what’s needed and let go off what’s no longer serving.

Splash & Dance…

with Water, Color & Spirit

Watch the magic in lightspeed action…

Call on Cormorant

Invite Cormorant into your life. Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Embody the skills of your power animal and share your unique gifts with the world.

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1 Comment

  1. Janet Jephcott

    I was out in my kayak tonight in the gathering dark enjoying to the peace, when I felt to look to my left. Two birds sat up very high in the trees on shore: an Osprey flew off and across the water with a pee pee pee call. While a cormorant started behind in beautiful silhouette against the clear sky.

    She looked small and young. And acted curious and relaxed twisting her head to look up and around and back again. She seeemed settled in for the night on her branch.

    I also encountered two beavers swimming in front of me and slapping their tails.

    I have been very very ill and trying to see a new healer plus move to a healthy home. But I need to complete an inheritance for the money it would help me with. There have been some hoops to jump through and I had been busy all day trying to find answers. Very trying time. Yet I know clearly that I want to move ahead in my life-no linger disabled. And doing my heart career. And living in an oasis of a home and land-a retreat for me and for my future partner and for clients, family and friends.


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