Raven & Crow

Meaning, Messages & Magic


Raven symbolizes magic, mystery, creation, transformation, adaptability, fearlessness, and trickster.

Raven guides you to get in touch with life’s mysteries as you develop your ability to perceive the subtle magic shifts of energy that are everywhere- inside yourselves and your environment.

With Raven’s higher perspective you have the ability to see beyond the illusion of opposites; uniting light and dark, inner and outer, right and wrong.

You also have the ability to fold time and space to be exactly at the right moment at the right time.

Raven teaches that those around you are reflecting back to you the things you most need to learn about yourself.

Raven also encourages you to get out of your familiar “space”, look beyond your current perspective, listen to the “messages”, develop your own willpower, and speak your own personal truth LOUDLY.

The trickster in Raven will teach you how to transform any manipulative tendencies you feel into a way to empower and inspire others to do what’s best for them. You can also help “trick” and sneak around others’ Egos to help them grow in new ways.

Ravens have advanced vocal abilities for birds, making over 100 different vocalizations. Try singing or learning a different language. In what ways can you use your voice differently?

Raven has a special connection with Wolf that you might want to study.

-Tanya Casteel


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I want to hear about your Raven and Crow experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Joe Smalley

    Wow, I love this! Great concept! The combination of art and folklore works really well! I was browsing for inspiration for my own project involving Ravens and I found this and was impressed and thought I’d share.

  2. Lala

    When I was three years old, traditional Native Medicine Wheel reading revealed that Raven is my animal totem.
    Throughout my life, I see them often. They speak to me, and follow me. There is a deep connection, and they come to me when I need help the most – always.
    Bless the work you are doing.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Thank you. And I feel this deeply as Raven has been one of my strongest guides.

    • Jocelyn

      I drove to my mothers mountain top home to pick up my husbands packages and in the trees at the very end of the road I saw a Raven. Then I saw another. And another. They vocalized a few verses here and there, no raucous. We went to my mom’s grabbed the packages and head back down the road. When we got to the end there they were. I looked through the trees to see how many. My husband began to make the left turn and there were more in the trees there. Some stayed, but other’s began to fly in the direction we were driving. I counted as many as I could but with some flying off, and others landing in new spots it was hard to count them properly. I can tell you there were at least 15. It was magical, exciting. I don’t have a clue what it means, but when I feel my mind has gone astray I try to remember those ravens. What a special moment it was for me.


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