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Wolf symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, success, teacher, intuition, freedom, instinct, intelligence, value of social connections, and a pathfinder.

Wolf is a teacher with the ability to independently explore and bring knowledge back to the community.

Wolf is loyal and values the company of others and family, while at the same time staying committed to individualism.

Wolf conserves its resources by outwitting and avoiding confrontation my giving subtle gestures, glances, or growls that gets the point across.

Wolf teaches you to hear your inner voice and find your personal power and strength by facing your deepest fears by practicing sincerity. Once you’re quiet enough to hear your intuition, it will speak to you as loud as a Wolf howling at night. This inner howl is telling you to defend your boundaries and trust your instincts.

Wolf cautions you to soften your competitive urges; there is a place for everyone’s skills.

Splash & Dance

With Water, Color & Spirit

Watch the magic in lightspeed action…

Call on Wolf

Invite Wolf into your life. Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Embody the skills of your power animal and share your unique gifts with the world.

Totem Card

Wolf symbolism meaning dream

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Be Inspired


wolf spirit animal original watercolor painting

Original Wolf Painting


Dive in Deeper

Spirit Animal Readings

tanya casteel artist painter spirit animal reading shaman

Who’s your spirit animal? Discover what messages your spirit animal(s) have for you. Through my visual meditations, I can take you on a journey full of wonder and intuitive guidance.

Work with me

Custom Totem Animal Painting

custom spirit animal painting

I would love to paint your spirit animal for you. What animal is calling to you?

Just For YOU

I want to hear about your Wolf experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


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