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Wolf symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, the teacher, intuition, freedom, instinct, intelligence, the value of social connections, and the pathfinder.

Wolf is a teacher with the ability to explore independently and bring knowledge back to the community.

Wolf is loyal and values the company of others and of family, while at the same time staying committed to individualism.

Wolf conserves its resources by outwitting others, avoiding confrontation through giving subtle gestures, glances, or growls that get the point across. Wolf teaches you to hear your inner voice and find your personal power and strength by facing your deepest fears and practicing sincerity.

Once you’re quiet enough to hear your intuition, it will speak to you as loud as a Wolf howling at night. This inner howl is telling you to defend your boundaries and trust your instincts.

Wolf cautions you to soften your competitive urges; there is a place for everyone’s skills.

Wolf works with the magic of the moon and is sensitive to the transitional times between dawn and dusk. Pay attention to this lunar day/night pattern and work with its energy to amplify the power of your intentions during these times.


When Wolves travel as a pack, the weakest lead the way in front with the strongest at the back and the alpha Wolf at the very end. This strategy ensures that no one is left behind. It shows that the strongest leaders can observe from behind while letting others develop at their own pace. You can actually see and direct more efficiently from the back because you have the best view of your pack/tribe than if you were way out in front alone.


Wolves have a special connection to birds, especially Ravens. In nature Ravens and Wolves are often seen together and actually get along quite well. They have a symbiotic relationship with each other, as they aid each other with hunting and scavenging.


There is an ancient love story between Wolf and Raven where they fall in love but tragically can’t find a way to be together because of their Air/Earth differences.


In Danish folklore, there is a mythical creature called a Valravn, which is half Wolf half Raven. According to the tale, Valravn was “born” from a Raven eating the body of a king that was killed on a battlefield, creating a half Wolf/half Raven mythical creature. Its goal is to transform itself into a knight. To achieve this it must eat the heart of a child. Many consider them to be terrible animals, but they are missing the greater symbolism at work…


Death is not the end. It’s part of the process. When a powerful king or queen calls upon the Spirits of the Raven and Wolf at death, they ascend into a deeper level of transformation – into a Valravn. It does not seek to literally eat the heart of a child, it seeks to discover and embrace its own inner child and heal the parts of itself that have been abandoned. Once the Valravn has done the work to heal its heart and become whole, it can then transform itself into a “knight”- a warrior of light and love for our world.

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  1. Misty

    About 3 years ago I lost my children and my home,everything.i was literally alone on the streets and didn’t know what or where to go..one day while out exploring in Oregon I saw a wolf run out the corner of my eye then the wolf started appearing in all my pictures I’ve taken. I never was in on the wolf and so the wolf literally made its presence to to and ive been trying g tonunderstand why and what it’s trying to show me


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