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Eagle symbolizes spiritual connection, knowledge of magic, freedom, and seeing higher truths.

Eagle flies through life without attachments and accepts everything as a gift from the universe.

Eagle asks you to reconnect with your spiritual path through introspection and meditation, guiding you to balance your spiritual awareness while still remaining well grounded in reality.  

As you soar and rise above your current situation and limited perspective, ask your heart to shine on a direction to follow. You will be able to see hidden spiritual truths and connect with many spirit guides and teachers. When you do the inner work to reclaim your personal power, you are able to see past old limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Eagle warns you to pay attention to how your speech affects others and to not step on others to reach your goals. Be brave when confronted with fear by spreading your wings and flying as high as your limitless heart will take you.

Dive in Deeper

Monthly Art Cards

Get a cosmic animal ART CARD with written symbolism in the mail each month to guide and inspire you.

Tarot Cards

Wild messengers tarot card reading

Use the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot Card Deck to guide your intuitive readings. Featuring 80 of my Cosmic Animal Paintings.

Animal Readings

find your spirit animal

Through my visual mediation practice, I can journey with cosmic animals to bring back wisdom and symbolism from the animals who most want to connect with you at this time. Personalized readings just for you!

I want to hear about your Eagle experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


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