Macaw Parrot

Meaning, Medicine & Magic

Macaw symbolizes rising, flair, and visibility.

Macaws are bright, bold, and loud! It’s time to unapologetically show off your unique qualities. No more hiding.

You have a skilled communicator and performer within you. Your unique flair and skills plant the seeds of inspiration in others.

We need to see you being your full self to help sprout something new within us.

Keep rising higher and higher. You are never “too much”.

Macaw can teach you how to use your uniquely intense colors (skills) to create a new vision for yourself and others.

Macaws are an endangered species. This further emphasizes their rareness. Not only are you unique, but there are even fewer people within your niche who can provide what you have to offer. So speak up and show up. Your specialties are needed.

The bright primary colors of Macaws are screaming to you to be unapologetically bold and beautiful just as you are. You represent color in its purest saturated form. Pull from your color palette to create a new world for yourself and others. There’s no need to look outside yourself for inspiration. You have everything you need.

Macaws wake up with the Sun and fly off early in the morning to search for food. This could indicate that you have the potential to be productive in the morning. Trying doing important tasks first thing in the day and see how it goes for you.

Like many birds, macaws promote the growth of forests as they keep dropping seeds they eat. You are a planter of seeds, spreading inspiration everywhere you go.

Macaws are extremely intelligent. They can learn how to unlatch cages and mimic words and sounds. You are a clever and skilled communicator/performer.

Macaws use loud calls like screaming and squawking to communicate amongst themselves and draw attention. You are not “too loud” or “too much”. If anything, this is one of your gifts. Macaw is asking you to speak up more often because we could benefit from your unique viewpoint. Help draw our attention to helpful places.

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I want to hear about your Macaw experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Ssssharleee

    Macaws are eye catching, and interesting. I find them adoreable.

  2. Alli

    Thanks so much for this info on the macaw spirit animal Tanya ? so what l needed to hear now and incredibly pertinent!

    • Tanya Casteel

      You’re so welcome! I’m glad I could help share this message for you. Thanks

      • Kim

        Hello, I just wanted to thankyou for your interpretation
        On the Macaw. I had a morning dream today, and I was standing outside our house and our huge magnolia tree was full of squawking blue and gold macaws. It was beautiful. So tonight I typed in “spiritual meaning of dreaming of blue and gold macaws” and came to your site and beautiful painting and meaning. It was all perfect and exactly true for me. Coincidence?”)

  3. Becky

    I met a beautiful soft pink macaw today while walking down the street. His color actually reminded me of the color of my auric field but I was really nervous being around him. My friend urged me to hold him and I did so fearfully! I was looking into his eyes and they really take you in when they look at you. When his mom went to take him back because it was time he ran up onto my shoulder and didn’t want to go! I have been having a tough time lately and this medicine (and your interpretation) was just what I needed to feel validated. Thank you!

    • Tanya Casteel

      You’re so welcome! What a special moment you had with the soft pink Macaw. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Helen

    I had the most vivid dream last night. I dreamt I was in my bedroom and as I looked out of my bedroom window, a huge flock of hyacinth macaws were starting to gather around the the window outside. They were sitting on my window sill, on our fence, they were clinging to the wall of the bungalow next door, sitting on our washing line… They were really beautiful. I stood in complete awe of them, they were so blue. I called my mum through in the dream and was saying “mum!!! Come and see this!!…. This is amazing!! She came an looked but was a little frightened.. I wasn’t.. It was a breath taking sight. The macaws felt as though they were trying to be close to me in the dream.. Not scary in anyway… I was wondering if you could tell me what this means. I am a spiritual person and have never experienced anything like this before. Many thanks Helen 🙂

    • Tanya Casteel

      What a beautifully mesmerizing dream. It sounds like the Hyacinth Macaw is wanting to form a relationship with you. Asking you to notice your own inner beauty and shine brighter for all of us to enjoy.

  5. Ingrid

    I recently had a dream about a huge blue Macaw flying down to land on my right outstretched arm, while I was standing on the front lawn of my childhood home. At first I was not scared at all, but then saw the scared face of someone watching and wondered if I should be scared. I woke up just as the beautiful Macaw was landing on my arm. The next day, no longer dreaming, I saw a woman waking down the streets of SF near my house with a huge blue Macaw on her right arm. I couldn’t believe it. And then today a guy with a big red parrot parked his car (parrot inside) over my drive way. I stopped to ask him about his bird, in disbelief. He told me they are like perpetual 2 year olds, but great lifelong companions if you can handle that. His bird was nervous and had plucked all the feathers from parts of her body since leaving her flock… I feel
    Like my dream is just moving into my waking life in the most bizarre way. What do you read in all this? Thanks!!

    • Tanya Casteel

      Wow, yes, it sounds like your dream was speaking to you in your waking life. I’m glad you’re paying attention and stopped to ask that man about his parrot (which can bring up the potential for you to make connections for yourself). As for what it means, it’s hard to know. You know yourself best and have more layers of information than this story provides. I find it fascinating that the bird was referred to as a 2-year-old and sad that it was losing its feathers due to the stress of losing its family. It’s not important to know exactly what it means (for no one can know the full truth of anything) but it’s great to gather information, watch what feelings and reflections come up for you, and stay curious. I hope Macaw continues to visit you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. AnnMarie

    As I was meditating this morning, I saw a macaw with sooty feathers, could still kind of see the colors and was flying toward the east. What’s that mean?

    • Tanya Casteel

      Air is the element of the East. If the macaw as covered in soot it could be asking you to dust off your feathers by flying (air/East). Macaw wants all of us to shine brightly and to fly boldly. To be proud of who you are and let others see you.

  7. Nicole Oman

    Thank you Tanya. I had a vision of a Macaw flying out of my solar plexus this morning. I know I had to look it up. This was the perfect message for me. I am beginning to understand why I feel like I am the only one (even in the spiritual field) that has the message that is coming through me. Maybe I’m a little more of a rare/endangered breed than I allow myself to own. Instead of feeling lonely or odd, it’s tome for me to express with confidence, the rare Beauty coming through me. Thank you. ?

    • Tanya Casteel

      Yes! Express with confidence the rare beauty that comes through you please! We need you shining at your fullest.

  8. Shozib Choudhury

    Hey, I am the big fan of Macaw. Macaw’s color of beauty, internal perspective i mean boldness, creativity etc are very impressive . Anyway, May i use this name “MACAW” as a company name please.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Yes, Macaw is free for everyone (I don’t own it), just look up the Copywrite/Trademark of the name as you formally register your business to make sure it’s not already in use.

  9. sandra doughty

    Years ago I got a tatoo,it was of a macaw,because I always wanted one but I knew I couldn’t afford it.I recently found feathers of one and the next day my granddaughter sent me a photo of her on vacation holding one.I have felt like I have been flying ever since.


      I dreamt there was a huge macaw blue and green that I followed it was a my old address in a field there were hundreds of these beautiful birds. I am scared of birds in real life. At first I was not scared but then all of the birds took flight. I was on. A bicycle and started to pedal the same direction as the birds. Then a one I followed landed on my head. I was calm I tried to pick up the bird it stayed I tried again it cawed then I woke up? What are your thoughts on this dream?

  10. Brianna

    My mother keeps dreaming of a blue macaw. She’s curious on what it represents spiritually. Could ya help me out here to give her the answer?

    • Tanya Casteel

      Share with your mom everything that I’ve written about Macaws above. In particular, the color blue spiritually represents peace, trust, confidence, and the throat chakra. The throat chakra is linked to communication, especially speaking loud and expressing your truth – which is what the Macaw also symbolizes.

  11. Eduardo

    I just saw 2 big ones on top of my house. They graced me with their presence for a bit and then flew away making their loud sounds!

    • Julie grima

      This is so perfect! I am owned by an amazing Blue & Gold Macaw. Her name is Bella. Our story is so special but to long to write here. She has helped my husband and I through some tough times and brought us closer together. She is the absolute light and love of my life. She was sent to me for a reason xx

  12. Jennifer Moore

    Hi, hello, good morning,
    I just woke about 30 mins ago from a dream. I just stepped out of an elevator on the roof top of a very tall condo building. I just happened to look a crossed the way, through some trees and noticed a red and blue macaw standing on the railing of a someones balcony. I called to it fearing it was lost and worried that it would disappear never to be found. It flew straight over to me. It was a bit shy at first but then grabbed a hold of my arm and nozzled into my face. It was the sweetest and softest bird I have ever touched. I noticed that it had a purple tag on its foot with the name Cora and Ray, vet info and owner info. I asked if it was Cora or Ray and he said Ray. In my dream I did try to call the number on the tag but it went to voice mail, I didn’t catch the name and then my alarm went off.

  13. Louise Winchester

    An interesting viewpoint spiritually. Sprit put one of these birds into my totem this morning so I thought I would look 👀 it up. I do lives in metaphysics and spirituality and it’s taken me years of work to come forward with my knowledge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. 💙


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