Snow Leopard

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Snow Leopard symbolizes courage, intuition, and creating karma.

Snow Leopard gives you the courage to claim what you want in life, facing the wild world knowing your self-worth.

Snow Leopard is a master at trusting its inner instincts and intuition. They have an intensely magnetizing eye gaze, which lends itself to trusting the way it uniquely witnesses the world. Snow Leopard asks you if you can lean into trusting your own experience more?

Snow Leopards are considered the least aggressive of all the big Cats, showing you how important it is to make silence and meditation a priority. In doing so you will feel a deeper connection to your “prey” and choose to act in a way that will reflect and ripple wisely on yourself and the world (creating conscious karma).

Snow Leopard reminds us “what you eat, you become”. Whether that be ideas, energy, actions, or actual food; you get to choose what you consume and how it affects you.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Leopard experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Patti Feinberg

    During a meditation a snow leopard appeared. Very loving and serene.
    I believe I was on Plenius with a pond of large goldfish and the snow leopard.. I felt safe and protected. Nothing around me but gorgeous nature.

    • Claudia Tomasiewicz

      I had a dream that my cousin bought a snow leopard and was walking it on a leash. That snow leopard kept turning around and hissing at me. What can be the meaning behind this?

  2. Rosi

    Last night I dreamt a snow leopard attacked me. In my dream I was screaming and I woke up suddenly.

      • K.Terry

        I too dreamt of a snow leopard but it was not alone it was with its cubs. Mama leopard was just sitting proud head held high. Which led me here trying to discover the meaning. I felt the energy in my dream.

        • Tanya Casteel

          I love that. Mama leopard proudly modeling behaviors for her “cubs”. We never know who is looking up to us and watching.

  3. Bhumika

    I once dreamed that a snow leopard helped me get down from a high mountain. What does it mean?

  4. Bhumika

    And also once dreamed that a mom snow leopard nourished me when I was lost in the mountains. I’m only 10 yrs…

    • Ola

      I dreamt that my mother (now deceased) was riding a leopard. She looked at me and said ride with me and I will take you places! I got on the leopard and the ride was exhilarating! I woke up happy!

  5. Bhumika

    I dreamed that once I went on a trip to a hill station in winter. We went skiing but a blizzard came & got lost. A female snow leopard came and warmed me. She helped me to get back to the hotel. Still in times of trouble I see that snow leopard. ‘m only 10..

  6. Krishika

    I had a dream in which I visited my cousin’s house and there was a snow leopard there but it was around rainy season and the snow leopard was do attached to me that he/she/they followed me around. The scene shifted and this time there was a flood so I was staying indoor suddenly the snow leopard came and acted like a cat and also comforted me. Now, I am getting signs that a snow leopard spirit is trying to help me.

  7. Anna

    Years ago, I had a dream that I was driving down a dark winter road, snow illuminated in my headlights. Suddenly, there in my path was a bison blocking the entire road. I stopped the car, got out, and approached the bison, sinking my hand into its fur. I knew it was telling me “you’re going the wrong way.” Suddenly, the dream shifted, and I was at the home of a shaman, an older Native American man. He was asking me about this experience, and what I thought it meant. I told him that I wasn’t quite sure, but I was surprised to have seen the bison in my dream, since it wasn’t my spirit animal. He asked what my spirit animal was, and the dream shifted again, to show me a time when I was in Paris, standing in the courtyard in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, with people walking everywhere all around me. I looked out away from the cathedral, towards the block of buildings on the left side of the street, and walking along the tops of the building was a snow leopard. It was MY snow leopard, and I knew that it was always with me, watching and protecting me. The leopard walked along the buildings, following as I walked through the crowd, and at another point it was also walking through the crowd beside me, with people not seeing it, but still moving out of its way as it approached, giving it and me space to maneuver.

    When I woke up for real, I knew that I had dreamt of two spirit animals, with the bison being a temporary guide, and the snow leopard having been with me for longer, telling me to wake up and seek connection. Years later, I wonder if the man was also a guide. The strange part was that I didn’t know anything about snow leopards before that dream. I had probably heard of them at some point, but I didn’t know anything about them. I actually had to Google “big white spotted cat” to understand what it was I’d seen. I’ve thought about the snow leopard a lot since that day. I wish I could see it again, but I feel its energy with me often, and more over the last year or two as I’ve started to center and seek my purpose.


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