Snow Leopard

Meaning, Medicine & Magic

Snow Leopard symbolizes courage, intuition, and creating karma.

Snow Leopard gives you the courage to claim what you want in life, facing the wild world knowing your self-worth.

Snow Leopard is a master at trusting its inner instincts and intuition. They have an intensely magnetizing eye gaze, which lends itself to trusting the way it uniquely witnesses the world. Snow Leopard asks you if you can lean into trusting your own experience more?

Snow Leopards are considered the least aggressive of all the big Cats, showing you how important it is to make silence and meditation a priority. In doing so you will feel a deeper connection to your “prey” and choose to act in a way that will reflect and ripple wisely on yourself and the world (creating conscious karma).

Snow Leopard reminds us “what you eat, you become”. Whether that be ideas, energy, actions, or actual food; you get to choose what you consume and how it affects you.

Jaguar & Black Panthers & Pumas also have helpful wisdom related to Leopards.

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