Honey Bee

Meaning, Medicine & Magic

Honey Bee symbolizes sweet indulgence, achieving the impossible, and fertility (all types of fertility: creative, mental, spiritual, financial, gardening, family and community).

Honey Bee seeks out the beauty in nature, collects its nectar, and transforms it into healing honey.

Honey Bee asks you to follow what your HEART is attracted to, bond with its essence, consistently show up for the task, and most importantly make sure you take time to enjoy the sweetness you have created in life. In doing so you will increase not only the fertility and abundance in your own life but also in all the lives you come in contact with.

Don’t allow others’ limiting beliefs to invade your mind (hive). You’re able to accomplish much more than others think is possible, and this skill only amplifies as you grow your like-minded community.

Other animals associated with creative fertility are: Rabbits & Frogs.

Hummingbirds will help you deepen into enjoying more sweetness.

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