Honey Bee

Meaning, Messages & Magic

Honey Bee symbolizes sweet indulgence, achieving the impossible, and fertility (all types of fertility: creative, mental, spiritual, financial, gardening, family and community).

Honey Bee seeks out the beauty in nature, collects its nectar, and transforms it into healing honey.

Honey Bee asks you to follow what your HEART is attracted to, bond with its essence, consistently show up for the task, and most importantly make sure you take time to enjoy the sweetness you have created in life. In doing so you will increase not only the fertility and abundance in your own life but also in all the lives you come in contact with.

Don’t allow others’ limiting beliefs to invade your mind (hive). You’re able to accomplish much more than others think is possible, and this skill only amplifies as you grow your like-minded community. -Tanya Casteel

Other animals associated with creative fertility are: Rabbits & Frogs.

Hummingbirds will help you deepen into enjoying more sweetness.


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I want to hear about your Bee experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Fernanda Correa

    Wonderful Cards

  2. Robin Steward

    I just started to listen tarot readings and I was told to look up the number 11 and the bee I’m not sure completely what it means.

    • Tanya Casteel

      You’re taking a good first step. Tarot is a great tool to question our perspective and get ourselves to ask questions about ourselves and our lives. Simply by asking yourself, “What does this mean?” is exactly it!!! When you read through the symbolism and start asking yourself what does this or could this mean to me, you are asking yourself important questions that will bring up possibilities and connections for your mind to expand upon. The bigger picture will become clearing with time. Nice work.

  3. Margaret Schaefer

    I had a bee land on my window at a drive through in a rainstorm. I let him into my car and put him on the seat to dry out. I drove around with him until the rain let up, then I drove back to the drive through and searched my car for him, I couldn’t find him then I heard a buzz, he was on the back window, I gently ushered him safely out of the car and watched him fly away. I feel so many meanings there!! feel free to tell me what u think!


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