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Dragonfly symbolizes illusion, light, and change.

Dragonflies partner with light to reflect how they appear to others.

Dragonflies easily discern how much of themselves to expose at any given moment by radiating iridescent colors in all directions, crafting a mysterious illusion. This ability to partner with light takes time.

Dragonfly spends the first two years of its life as a nymph in the water feeling a deep emotional existence. As it develops the ability to fly and shine, it moves into more mental clarity.

It’s important for Dragonflies to balance their emotional and mental expressions. This will amplify your ability to maneuver through life in any direction (including backward).

Dragonfly asks, do you need a fresh perspective? Are past emotions clouding your ability to let your true colors shine through?

-Tanya Casteel

You can also deepen into Dragonfly medicine by studying Frog, Hawk, and Dragon.

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  1. Natasha Rodrigue

    During a camping trip with my two young children we set up their tiny camp chairs to capture a photo of them with a sunset and all of a sudden they were sitting and swarmed by a huge cloud of dragonflies. I knew about their keen eco location and amazing flying ability and was assured that my kids would be safe and I marvelled in this spectacle as my children gleefully giggled and laughed and wondered why there were so many. No one touched them. Now they are grown and I am looking for answers and feel it was the universe making them playfully aware to live it up and be light and carefree from then on. In retrospect… I have a feeling the horrid tantrums became less frequent after this.


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