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Dragon symbolizes protection, prosperity, wisdom, infinity, and magic.

Dragon offers fierce protection, and is the guardian of the treasures and potential that lie hidden deep within your unconscious, universal mind. There are different types of dragons:

• Fire Dragon helps fuel your fire of enthusiasm to overcome obstacles, and offers protection and leadership.


• Air Dragon brings vast amounts of intellect, illumination, and clear insights to bear on all problems, helping you to trust your inner voice.


• Earth Dragon’s nurturing energy will help ground your scattered vibrations so that you can see the beauty of your own power and your ability to live abundantly.


• Water Dragon brings courage and compassion to your painful past experiences, helping you to achieve emotional balance and healing.

-Tanya Casteel

The Cosmic SerpentSnake, Lizard, and Dragonfly are also closely associated with Dragon meaning so you might want to explore those as well.


Dragon symbolism meaning dreams

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I want to hear about your Dragon experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Leslie Blanchard

    First off, I have to say I’ve always had a strange liking toward dragons. I can’t explain it,I just love them. I’m also into metaphical and esoteric things,mythology and anything if that sort so I do believe in dreams having a meaning of some sort. Anyway! About my dream… I’m an twin identical twin and in my dream we were at a nail salon getting our nails painted and the lady painted mine and when I looked down it was the most vibrant vertical rainbow stripes on each nail and yes I remember being amazed at how glittery and vibrant the colors were! Then she went back to my nails and the next til I looked at them She had placed Little Dragons on each nail BUT they were each different.. I remember one was a full body red w fire breath on my ring finger,one blue also w body and no fire on the middle finger and my pointer finger was just a black dragons head like up close. Another weird thing was she placed them at the ends of the fingers kinda like when u put a fun funky eraser on the end of a pencil.and that’s it I woke up after that! But I’d like to know more of what someone else thinks, it was Trippy lol

    • Tanya Casteel

      This is a really fun dream. The fire dragon on your ring finger makes me think of passionate romance and the blue on your middle finger makes me think of using your voice to speak your truth regardless of what others think. The middle finger making a boundary for others and the blue being related to the throat chakra.

  2. Danny Richards

    Born on the 26th of March hitch makes me an Aries in western astrology
    Born in 1976 in the year of the dragon
    And combing the two makes me a T-Rex in my primal Astrology

    Can you give me a forecast of this year

    • Tanya Casteel

      You’re a prehistoric fire breathing dinosaur dragon!!! You’ve got a lot of power. Be wise how you wield your fire as to not burn down the whole forest, instead use it to create warmth, protection, and alchemy.

  3. Amanda

    I saw the most beautiful dragon ? in the clouds ⛅️ On Sunday. It was the full body profile of a dragon ? . There are a few ties to Dragons with my family & I so I at first thought it could be for that but
    You know what? They are all apart of the meanings he real meaning

  4. Bhumika

    I dreamed that a mystical dragon once blasted of my classmate who bullied me. I now whenever hold a dragon toy I feel protected, I dont know why.


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