Polar Bear

Meaning, Medicine & Magic

Polar Bear symbolizes endurance, tenacity, and courage.


Polar Bear is a powerful grounding force of strength during adversity, pulling together the courage to take action in necessary leadership roles without fear, especially when the responsibility is providing for others.


Polar Bear is a wise teacher and healer who feels gratitude for all of the small things, knowing that in order to succeed one must stay focused and grounded.


Polar Bear gives you the inner strength to thrive in hostile circumstances and environments. In doing so, its presence inspires respect from others.


Polar Bear is also an expert in swimming through emotional & spiritual waters, having the ability to come back from the brink of death.


Polar Bear reminds you to stay in touch with the earth’s cycles by seeking time for solitude, quiet, and rest. This allows you to preserve your physical and emotional energy, otherwise emotions can be stored as frozen blockages and stifle your expressive flow.


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I want to hear about your Polar Bear experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Alexis

    I had a very vivid dream a few weeks ago. I was running away from something. Something I was scared of. The only way to get away was to swim across this huge lake. Somewhere where rock mountains surrounded the lake. I was swimming across and a huge white object jumped out right over me. Maybe the size of a whale. I was extremely scared at that time. I saw another huger white object underneath me. I started panicking, but I had to see it. I ducked under water and opened my eyes and a huge polar bear was staring at me. At that moment I was scared but when we locked eyes I became extremely fearless. I wasn’t scared of her and I could feel that she was not scared nor defensive, but we were one. I woke up and I’ve been obsessed with why ever since

  2. Jennifer

    I have been learning about shield and the polar bear came out of me when I shielded up completely. My shield before had always been a bubble but this time it became a pure white light that burst over me and completely engulfed me and the polar bear stood before me on her hind legs. I believe she will be my power animal aka my shield.


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