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Phoenix symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and hope.

The immortal Phoenix never truly dies. It continually rises from the ashes, just as the fiery sun “dies” and is “reborn” every morning. Because the Phoenix willingly sacrifices itself to death, it’s able to regenerate and gain awareness and spiritual growth.

The Phoenix’s presence tells you that you’re ready for a significant change, a new perspective, and a renewal of self.

By using the cleansing energy of fire, Phoenix will help you overcome impossible odds, shining hope in the midst of despair.

The Phoenix is always listening to your song, and brings with it the ability to heal physical and emotional wounds.

Surrender your feisty and complicated feelings to the perpetual cycle of transformation.

The Phoenix is an ancient and wise guide. It can be found around the world

  • Egyptian Bennu
  • Native American Thunderbird
  • Russian Firebird
  • Chinese Fèng Huáng
  • Japanese Hō-ō
  • Peacocks are also closely connected to the Phoenix as an Earthly symbol of this mythical bird.

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