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Bear symbolizes leadership, family, and lunar magic.

Bears have great maternal instincts. Fiercely protecting their family with the ability to give tender nurturing attention to their young.

Bears often retreat to caves, ‘the womb of Mother Earth’ to decompress, evolve, and mature. Emerging with the ability to trust their inner wisdom and sense of direction in life.

Bears are extremely clever. They’ve been known to use rocks to free bait from hunting traps. Use your vast intelligence to maneuver any problem. You can outwit any trap.

Bears have an incredible sense of smell. Polar bears can even smell prey under three feet of solid ice.  How can you hone your sense of smell for your benefit? Smell is a powerful tool that goes beyond cooking. Smell has been known to trigger memories and aid people into deep meditations. Discover ways to participate more with your sense of smell.

Bears care deeply about their family and are fierce protectors. Take a stand against any injustice you see to help protect those who can not protect themselves. When energy allows, extend this gift beyond your immediate family because all of humanity, animals, and plants are your family too.

Most bears hibernate and need to eat a lot to build up sufficient fat reserves to survive the winter. Where in your life can you build up reserves? Possibly your savings account, sleep, workflow or vacation time? Staying on the ‘center path’ is an illusion. Learn to gracefully flow in and out of times/seasons of abundance and lack, trusting that it will cycle through again. Noticing the seasons of your life will help keep you prepared.

  • Panda: Holds space for opposites without judgment. 
  • Spectacled Bear: Putting visions into action.
  • Sun Bear: Exposing the rich sweet desires within your heart.
  • Black Bear: It’s time to reclaim yourself from temptations.
  • Asiatic Black Bear: “Moon Bear” honor your intuition.
  • Grizzly/Brown Bear: Claim your wild side and embrace the clan mother.
  • Polar Bear: Strength during adversity.


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I want to hear about your Bear experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Sara Wickwire

    When I was 13 I tried to kill myself.While unconscious I saw the “light” but others instead a White polar bear. Before that I had over the years been having nightmares of a bear approaching my home while I fumbled with the lock on the door. I always woke up right as they reached me. I even had one of my grandfather(step) being mauled. I would love any thoughts about the significance-thus far I have only had personal speculation to rely on. Also since I was 7 I have felt pulled to Alaska.I now am 37 and hope to be going this summer but of all things it has to be bear country. Now I’m nervous, lost and confused. I need guidance. Any thoughts?

    • Tanya Casteel

      It sounds like you have a strong connection to bears. As if bear is trying to seriously get your attention. Especially since you’ve had recurring scary dreams about them and you met one in a “death” state. There could be many reasons you feel pulled to Alaska and bear energy could be one of them. It seems like polar bear specifically could be empowering for you to study as it brings in strength over adversity: Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nils Whittelsey

    I have no idea where my connection to bear really started, what I’ve come to believe is that it’s an inherited relationship my ancestry is all Northern European mostly Scandinavian. When I found the story of creation bear, who gave her staff to mother earth to help control the wobble so that we could live here. This is the first animal, I name in the north. All my other animal guides, I can name the vision quest? Journey time, When the animal first came to me, but not the bear. I have a strong matriarchal connection to my ancestors inside the Arctic Circle Of Sweden. The bear carries so much healing for us to remember
    Love nils in deer bear spirit

    • Tanya Casteel

      Wow this is deep. Thank you for sharing this ancestral wisdom with us.

    • Bridget

      I once visiting the zoo in Borneo Sabah where I encounter a baby sun bear. It run towards me from a far which it quickly cling onto my left leg. I still don’t understand why it did such 😳 I mean don’t a sun bear suppose to be afraid of human.


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