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Bat symbolizes rebirth, illusion, tenacity, and communication.

Bats come into the world while hanging upside down and feet first. They don’t even let the laws of gravity pull them down.

Bats have incredible awareness and use all their senses – giving them the ability to see through illusions and adapt in life when the timing is right. With this heightened perception Bats cannot be fooled and know that things are not always as they appear.

Bats can tune into conversations and steer them in the direction of their choosing through their clever communication skills.

Bats are usually misunderstood because of their association with death, the dark, and fear, all of which are natural and necessary aspects of the cycle of life. Bats move between worlds with their ability to navigate through the dark (unknown), bring rebirth from death (transformation), and the release fears that stifle growth. Bat asks you to have confidence and trust your senses.

By trusting your inner truth you’ll be able to pick up on hidden frequencies and make smooth transitions through life.

Bats spend a lot of time upside down. They rest, sleep, mate, and even give birth upside-down. Embrace your tendency to do things differently. Try putting yourself in more situations that cause you to question the nature of reality and the laws that govern us.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Others can glide, but Bats have the strength for full powered flight. Don’t just glide through life. You’re equipped to take flight in any direction of your choosing.

Bats are gifted with the rare magical ability of echolocation. This highly sophisticated sense combines hearing, speaking, and seeing into a unique experiential super-sense. A Bat’s echolocation is so finely tuned it can detect an object as thin as a human hair. You’re very sensitive to a variety of frequencies that can be developed beyond our physical realm. As you practice your unique communication skills, you’ll be able to interpret and guide conversations and ideas in constructive ways, expanding not only your own vision but also of those around you.

In Chinese, the words for “bat” and “good fortune” are both pronounced “fu.” So you can ignore the fear that some people associate with bats, because they are actually a symbol of happiness and human flourishing. When people fear Bats they are actually fearing the happiness that could emerge from seeing in the darkness of themselves.


Bats go through intense hibernation periods where they use the energy they’ve collected during sleep to fuel their creative time. Honor and protect your need for sleep & alone time, and do what you can to make sure it does not get interrupted.


Vampire Bat spit has been used to treat human stroke victims and human heart patient victims. Use your Bat energy to connect to your heart and the flow of love.


Bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour and often consume their body weight in insects every night. Know that you have the power to eliminate pests in your life and in greater society. Instead of ignoring annoying things, try taking them full on, knowing that you can healthily transform vast amounts of bites in our world. When a mosquito steals the blood from others, Bat can ingest and cycle it through its heart, offering more love out into the world.


Bats thrive in the dark due to their echolocation skills, as well it being a convenient time to hunt bugs and stay out of sight from predators. Embrace your love of the dark – both being out at night or your fearless ability to work through dark ideas.


Bat guano is one of the world’s richest fertilizers. Next time you’re going through rough times (shit) in life, know that it is creating rich fertilizer that is vital for your future growth.

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  1. Wendy

    I was looking into my clear quartz crystal doing a meditation but also learning how to scry. When I flipped the crystal over, there was a bat flying right towards me, so I had to look it up, and I am glad I did. I learned a lot from your page. Thank you!

  2. Brendan

    In any situation, the one who can see things differently brings transformational value to a group; Bat is always looking at things with a unique perspective. Even when Bat can’t see the answer, the ability to look at things a different way and ask different questions triggers creativity from other creatures. Because of this, I have found Bat to be a powerful creature in a setting where you have to deal with complex problems.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Oh you are so very wise. Thank you for sharing this with us Bat.


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