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Jellyfish symbolizes energetic flow, entanglement, and Reiki.

Jellyfish don’t need to force anything. Water currents take them exactly where they need to be. They live a life of complete trust and surrender.

Be conscious of your energetic attachments, because the shadow side of Jellyfish can tend to use their tentacles to latch on and getting tangled up in ideas, objects, people, and places. Know that you are forever entangled with everything energetically so there is no need to hold on so tightly.

Jellyfish can teach you how to flow with the current of your life path while using your tentacles to send energy to others. Supercharging others as you drift along without draining yourself or strangling or stinging others in the process.

You can reach out to anyone or anything at any time regardless of distance. You’ll be able to feel their connection through the energetic field regardless of time or location. Mastering this aids in your natural Reiki healing abilities.

Jellyfish use their bioluminescent gifts to illuminate the unknown and to protect themselves through illusion. Use your inner light to help yourself navigate the darkness.

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