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Jellyfish symbolizes energetic flow, entanglement, and Reiki.

Jellyfish don’t need to force anything. Water currents take them exactly where they need to be. They live a life of complete trust and surrender.

Be conscious of your energetic attachments, because the shadow side of Jellyfish can tend to use their tentacles to latch on and getting tangled up in ideas, objects, people, and places. Know that you are forever entangled with everything energetically so there is no need to hold on so tightly.

Jellyfish can teach you how to flow with the current of your life path while using your tentacles to send energy to others. Supercharging others as you drift along without draining yourself or strangling or stinging others in the process.

You can reach out to anyone or anything at any time regardless of distance. You’ll be able to feel their connection through the energetic field regardless of time or location. Mastering this aids in your natural Reiki healing abilities.

Jellyfish use their bioluminescent gifts to illuminate the unknown and to protect themselves through illusion. Use your inner light to help yourself navigate the darkness.

-Tanya Casteel


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I want to hear about your Jellyfish experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Linda

    I had a reading and the first thing she saw was a jellyfish.. she asked that I research it. It was followed by all kinds of birds and many of the souls of my departed cats. I would say the jellyfish means to me to let go and trust the psychic processes. That this would be the best way to yield the most and fastest results in my own practice.

      • Jane

        I was in the UK sea with many jelly fish around me. I was doing mantras and sending healing to wherever it was needed. There were 3 different types of jellyfish all capable of mild stings so I was trying to avoid them yet realised they had significance. I searched the in and found your work. Perfect.

  2. Will

    A jellyfish wrapped itself around my arm today but didn’t sting me….I’m still in shock a bit and now I’m here lol. Thanks for the insightful writing.

  3. Caitlin Shea

    I just woke up from a dream where there was a jellyfish floating in front of me. I had just gotten a message (in my dream) that I need to go with the flow and sit with my feelings. I am going through a transition in my life and have been having a hard time. When I woke up I googled “Jellyfish totem” and found this page. I had NO idea that the Jellyfish symbolizes energetic flow and reiki. I am Reiki master! My mind is blown!

  4. Feelingjellyfishy

    I was stung by a jellyfish and it’s venom was going into me for about 3 hours. I had felt like I was poisoned and dying and had some sort of weird ego death/psychedelic experience from it and now I can’t stop researching jellyfish.


    I wanted to thank God jellyfish for giving me lots of positive ideas that will help me be more easy and natural in life. It all started I mean am just looking for halloween costume and here I am believing that life goes on.=)

  6. Big dog

    I took sum psychedelics and saw multiple blue energetic jelly fish floating around me, like I’m in two Dimension, I could only see the second , but couldn’t interact, it was midnight on a weekend and the room was extra dark so I could see even better, looks like glow in the dark floating jellyfish, , I was looking at them all night, I couldn’t believe what I saw, what made me go deeper into further research in psychedelics and research chemicals

  7. elizabeth rose

    i came to this article after recalling something that happened a little over a year ago, and i’d like to share and hopefully receive some feedback!
    i was meditating in bed one night, and as i let go i drifted to the space in between thoughts. the dark behind my closed eyelids gained depth, and the boundaries between my body and this full but empty space began to blur. and then, clear as day, a bioluminescent jellyfish appeared in front of me! it was a sort of bluish color and it was made up entirely of energy. the jellyfish seemed to be looking at me, (it was maybe 10 inches away from my “face” or point of perception) and it did the little *floop* that they do to swim upwards. i felt a sort of childlike joy at this, and i thought “wow! i wish i could do that!” …..and then i did. my brain, or consciousness, took the shape of a jellyfish and *flooped* up and out of the body. i’m now fully immersed in this mental space. my vision panned over to an image: what appeared to be a large ball or bubble of (light) energy with cords about the width of a standard rope branching out along the sides. there were about 20-30 of these cords, and they all spanned further than i could see. the majority of these cords were made up of the same light that the bubble was. there were maybe 7 or 8 of them that were dark, like shadows. just by looking at this i could sense that the cords of light were flowing in both directions- nourishment coming in and going out, mutually beneficial connections and nothing that i had to be concerned over. the shadowy cords were “dead”, sort of a negative feedback.. static. the energy was flowing “backwards”, possibly draining myself or the other. now, at the time i assumed this ball of light to be a layer of my own aura. i understood that some of these cords were sent out by me, and others were being sent to me. i understood that these cords were connected to other beings.
    next, i was inside a ball. possibly the same one i’d been looking at, but i cant tell you for sure. there was a large circular opening in the side, and i gravitated towards it. i began to slide down this tube, almost like a water slide. i relaxed into it and let myself curve with it, until i sensed that i was approaching something. i slowed myself just as i reached the end, where i saw… (this is a bit difficult to describe, please bare with me!) i saw a hazy collection of light particles in the rough shape of a human. they were moving around as if talking to someone in the physical plane. ive seen this before- visually in dreams and subconsciously in real life when watching someone whos very vibrant or joyful. i recognize it to be life force. this person was unaware of my presence, and i’m not sure who they were, though i got the sense that it was a female. (now for the weird part) there was some kind of creature made of shadows, darker than the background of void, attacking this person. it looked similar to a large bat (but creepier.. single minded with a destructive intent) with a wing span of maybe three feet. this creature was flying into and bouncing off of this girl, like a bug flying at a window. the girl seemed totally unbothered by it, and i sensed that it wouldn’t be able to break through to reach her soul… it was essentially just a pest. my intuition tells me that whatever this thing was, it moves in when people become weakened spiritually and emotionally. its almost like it was looking for someplace warm to go and eat. i also sensed that while it had the potential to do serious damage, it was a very low level being that didnt posses much power of its own.. mostly acting on instinct. i then decided to “come back”, before this thing noticed me and followed.

    this article really resonated with this experience- ever since i was awakened to this… this universal flow of light, i’ve had the ability to sense and influence, to communicate with and channel energy. HOWEVER, i do not have a teacher and i’m navigating this new reality all on my own. i have wanted to become a reiki healer for years now- i want to use this sense to contribute healing to the world. i am also someone who struggles with attachments as a result of unresolved trauma. i understand that this is a primary soul lesson of mine; letting go and trusting the flow, not trying to grab and hold onto love, but trusting that it’s always right where it needs to be. i’m wondering if the jellyfish i saw is more significant than i originally thought, if maybe i should explore the symbolism of the jellyfish further. is this possibly a spirit companion? or did my mind choose the image of a jellyfish to help me reach a specific insight? was it random? some other things that i’m curious about: why do i tend to experience energy and other realms of consciousness as being fluid? it moves like water in all directions. what layer of the aura might this have been? is it bad that i saw so many of these cords? (i do worry that my issues with attachment are energetically causing harm to others, but i know the only way to resolve this is to LET GO of that fear and trust that everything is in place.)

    anyway! thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂 sending you well wishes and happy vibes <3

    • Tanya Casteel

      Wow thanks for sharing this experience. You did an impressive job explaining the environment and confusing “meditative dream consciousness state”. I often “experience energy and other realms of consciousness as being fluid” just as you described. I don’t know what “layer” or “space” I’m in during these fluid times, I personally don’t find it important for me to know the “title/name/label” of where that space is. I also believe that spaces like that can’t be accurately “pinned down” to a location that our rational mind can understand, so I let it float in the mystery. I do think that you seeing the Jellyfish was significant! When our consciousness needs to understand things that are not able to be interpreted by our rational mind it uses feelings, imagery, and symbolism to communicate. I think the Jellyfish showed up as a helpful symbol to try to communicate important information to you. If you choose to accept the Jellyfish is a “main animal guide” that is also a lovely choice. It seems that Jellyfish has strongly chosen to work with you. I don’t think it’s bad that you saw so many cords; it’s just information showing you how your energy is being effected to give you the opportunity to adjust yourself. I love that you said that since this experience you have “had the ability to sense and influence, to communicate with and channel energy”. I think studying Riki or other energy moving modalities like Qigong would also help you feel more in control and in harmony with what you’re able to sense.

      • Nicole

        So grateful for this page and your insight, Tanya. I’ve had huge flows of energy coming into my body and hot hands since I started meditating and wondering how to harness it to spread joy in myself & with others. Thank you!!!

    • Nicole

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I have so many parallels including trauma and wanting to attach to love while receiving messages and visits (during meditation and 3 regression hypnotherapy sessions) from my jellyfish selves/family that I will always return to flow as an inevitability. Loved your ideas about tentacles/umbilical type cords? as 2 way energy flow.

  8. Milad

    I saw a jellyfish when I was high on mushrooms! I didn’t know the meaning but your interpretation was very interesting !

  9. Jan

    Wow, I am accustomed to spirit animals. I would have never considered a jellyfish one. A real life encounter took me here, and I‘m absolutely amazed. Your artwork is beautiful! I have been doing some practices regarding energetic chord removal. It seems the jellyfish is the go to power animal to handle those psychic chords and energy attachments in full awareness. Still navigating some tumultuous waters. I‘ll come back and browse your shop when my life has settled a little. Thank you 🙏


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