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Narwhal symbolizes magic powers, freedom, and empathic abilities. Narwhal is the Unicorn of the sea – channeling magic through its tusk as it points to the sky, constantly remembering its spiritual mission.

Narwhal uses its own body as a magic wand to connect to the divine and feel into deeper realities. You don’t need a special tool or gear to be connected. You are part of God and can tap in at any time.

This unique spiral tusk is an extension of Narwhal’s body and is packed with thousands of sensory receptors. The spiral shape guides the natural flow of growth and perspective as this unique antenna feels deeply into its environment.

Narwhals are incredibly empathic and sensitive, noticing and experiencing things beyond the average gates of perception. So sensitive in fact, that no Narwhal has ever been successfully kept in captivity for long.

Allow yourself the freedom and space you need and deserve. You can find peace with your overwhelming feelings and traverse the arctic cold waters successfully by surrounding yourself with a nurturing social pod that respects your sensitive nature as a gift. Find your soul family and travel with them. Community is vital.

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