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Scorpion symbolizes survival, potency, and mystery.

Scorpions have the longest lifespan of any arachnid and are champions of survival. Scorpions can live a year without food, stay submerged underwater for 48 hours, live in harsh environments, only require one-tenth of the oxygen of most insects, and can even survive being in a freezer overnight!

Whatever challenges you’re facing, call upon your inner scorpion and equip your arachnid shell to feel virtually indestructible.

Just as Scorpions can control how much venom to produce, you too get to control the potency you are putting out into the world. Are you using your energy to attack or defend? Could you put more energy into your passions and less into draining situations?  

Scorpions also glow under ultraviolet light (blacklight)! This unique ability signifies your relationship and ability to dance in the mystery of the “unseen” worlds. Remember to adjust your filters of perception so you can see the magic that surrounds you.

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I want to hear about your Scorpion experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Felisha

    I have had quiet beautiful experience w scorpion medicine. Years ago I disliked scorpios. Than I found out my ascended sign is Scorpio so I learned more about it. & realized I am alot like the archetype. During a ‘journey’ or vision quest a Scorpio flew at my third eye. I was a little startled but I knew it meant no harm. Me & the scorpion did this beautiful sacred bond & it’s now a guardian for my third eye. Something that I dearly needed because I can be too ‘opened’ & the scorpion is white. Sometimes creatures/animals can appear one way but when you learn to surrender and trust a deeper meaning is revealed.

    • Tanya Casteel

      Yes well said: “Sometimes creatures/animals can appear one way but when you learn to surrender and trust a deeper meaning is revealed”!!! Thanks.

  2. Rejoice

    I keep finding Arizona Bark Scorpions inside my house, the last one less than a foot away from my head in the middle of the night. A fellow empath suggested that maybe these encounters are not random, but that they are trying to tell me something. Is crossing paths frequently with actual scorpions the same as dreaming about them?

    (I have suffered from severe anxiety and have had many panic attacks since the last encounter with a scorpion in my house. I spend most nights sitting in the center of my bed pointing a UV flashlight around the room and only fall asleep after the sun comes up. I feel like I am losing my mind. Is there an offering I can put at my alter or wards I can set around the house that will help me recover some of my peace of mind?)

    • Tanya Casteel

      Yes absolutely I would say that if you are continually running into any creature (especially close to your pillow at night) that they really want your attention – inviting you to consider a perspective that they symbolize. I suggest reading through what I have written about scorpions above and reflect, meditate, or journal about it. Sorry to hear about your anxiety, that’s very understandable. To strengthen your peace of mind you could try asking Archangel Michael for protection before bed, or even invite the energy of the scorpion itself to protect you. Owls naturally prey upon and eat scorpions, so trying calling in Owl to be your guide if you really want scorpions to leave you alone, and/or put owl feathers on your altar. But sometimes we need to go into our fears/anxieties to gain growth and wisdom before we are free from them. Feeling safe and protected is unique and personal to each individual. Keep trying new things and adjusting to dial in your sense of peace


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