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Orca symbolizes family, teamwork, and balance.

Orca is an excellent mentor and teammate because of its willingness to nurture, trust, and uplift the group.

Orca encourages you to develop your abilities to communicate with your voice to bring healing to others.

After times of deep inner reflection, try expressing your wisdom in a creative, humble, and compassionate way.

Orca reminds you that providing for yourself and your family does not have to be hard.

Work can and should be a fun and enjoyable process.

Blend together your intelligence, keen awareness, and sense of play to create a balanced bountiful life.

Use the powers of Orca’s black and white markings to bring forth balance in a world of opposites.

-Tanya Casteel


Orca symbolism meaning dreams

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I want to hear about your Orca experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Heather LaFlash

    Last night I dreamt I was in a glass submarine. I was at the bow and saw a pod of orcas. There was a night Artic feeling to the outside and I couldn’t tell if the orcas we swimming in the sea or amongst the constellations. They had energetic blue-ish white horns, like a narwhale. They were playing ball with a white orb of light. It was amazing to witness

  2. Mikael

    The most vivid dream I’ve ever had of an orca has stuck with me for a couple of years now… It’s always been an animal I’ve loved.

    There was a beautiful U-shaped cove with a strip of sandy beach surrounding it. I remember flying into it as opposed to coming in on a boat. The water was deep, though there was a shallower shelf that rimmed the cove, before it plunged into darker blues. A pod of orcas swam in this cove. I seemed to float right above the ocean, excited to see the orcas. Some skimmed the surface, their dorsal fins upright, but mostly they stayed under water. Then, as soon as I was in the water, fear crept in. I was afraid of the orca’s seeing me and attacking me since I was in their domain. I stuck my head under water and an orca swam really fast towards me. I felt panicked but stayed where I was. And the orca diverted once it hit a certain point about ten feet in front of me and swam back to its pod.
    I felt so scared that I needed to swim to the shore as a reprieve. Shortly after, I feel I need to go back into the water. However, it was like I had gone back to my first entry to the cove (from the ocean side) and was flying back into it again, almost as though from a helicopter’s perspective before flying in myself. Once I reached the same spot as before to watch the orcas, I dropped myself back into the water and submerged myself. Through a couple of orcas swimming a bit deeper than before, I could see a different kind of orca. It had intricate weaving, nearly tribal, white designs on the black part of its body. The fear of it noticing me hit me again, and I lifted my head out of the water, but something told me to stay so I went back under to watch this stunning orca swim in the water.


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