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Koala symbolisms stillness, nurturing, and being rooted. Koalas stay rooted through the trees.

You can let your mind and astral body travel high and far, but remember to keep yourself anchored in some way. Getting barefoot in the dirt and connecting with trees or gardening is a great way to do this.

Once you can sit in rooted stillness “high up in the trees” (with expanded consciousness), you will be much better positioned to create high standards for yourself and others from a compassionate place.

Koala is very nurturing and embraces healing touch. Koala goes beyond just holding space for others, they actually HOLD themselves and have impeccable boundaries to know what type of holding is appropriate and when.

Are you making time to hold and nurture yourself? Are you checking in with yourself and others’ boundaries when you nurture others?

Speak up for yourself, and ask others what they need. Don’t assume.

Koalas are very intentional with their energy, moving slowly and resting often. Consider finding more time for stillness, rest, and meditation to appreciate all things in the moment just as they are.

-Tanya Casteel

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