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Firefly symbolizes self-illumination, passion, and attraction.

Fireflies might look like ordinary flying insects, but at night they fill the sky with golden flickers.

They remind us that radiance and magic can shine from within us even in the darkest shadows. They light the way in the dark for themselves and others.

Fireflies show us we’re able to shine at our FULL brightness without getting too hot and burning out. They are not constantly “on”. They flow in and out of creative expression in a natural way, collecting energy to save up for the next bright burst.

This bursting is a combustion of passion that shines straight from their hearts. The right people and circumstances are able to find them because they use their flashing glow in a unique sequence to signal their hearts’ desires to them.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Firefly experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!

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  1. Martin manley

    I live near toughanock state park. In the year 1992 I experienced a dark black circle in the stream above the falls. I had just left work early one afternoon ,, it was a real hot day ,and decided to dive into the perfect round black circle. Believe it or not I wound up hovering in space in a different energy level. Other things happened during that time ,and there was a women and her daughter there that saw it happen when I dissapeard through the hole. This is a true story. I’m pretty sure it was part of the heavens. I know I’ve been susseptable to some other strange events because I been dead a couple of times with my soul leaving my body ,but I didn’t want to die.


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