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Beaver symbolizes containers, building, and community.

Beaver is a builder; a builder of homes, dreams, and communities. And they don’t do it alone! They build as a community to support not only their own kin but also to provide shelter for a variety of other animal species.

They bring larger aspects of a community together that goes beyond their immediate needs. How is what you’re building and creating influencing the larger community around you?

Beaver is a natural at emanating the masculine energy of creating containers. Beaver has the ability to direct the flow of energy (water) with the containers (dams) they build.

Containers prevent you from dispersing your energy too far and thin. When you gather your energy and ideas, you will be more potent and efficient.

Beaver is excellent at plugging energy leaks. Where is energy leaking in your life? Are there places where you can improve your energetic dam so as to not drain more energy?

-Tanya Casteel


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