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Elephant symbolizes strength, honor, ancient wisdom, telepathic abilities, intelligence, and compassion.

It can bulldoze obstacles in your path while simultaneously helping you keep calm and cool during tough times.

Elephant has the ability to uncover hidden memories in order to help you to let them go in a step towards healing.

It can also help you to communicate with and understand another person beyond speech. Elephant teaches you that gentleness, commitment, trust, and communication is essential to any relationship (whether friend, family, or partner).

Your own ability to thrive is enhanced by supporting and loving the other, as you pass down the gift of nurturing from the past to future generations.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Elephant experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!

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  1. Lori

    All the sudden showing up in tarot. Caught my attention because I collect elephants.


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