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Tortoise symbolizes longevity, endurance, and being grounded.

Tortoise is a unique turtle because it does not spend any of its life in water, making it the most grounded of all the Turtles.

Tortoise is ancient and wise, never needing to rush or worry. It knows that it always has everything it needs within its shell.

As Tortoise carries its home, it is protected by the knowledge that it always has everything it needs within itself. It trusts and knows that it will figure it out, weather any storm, and endure all the obstacles that come its way with its slow, grounded approach.

Where can you slow down in life? Tortoise asks you to find security within yourself (shell) instead of looking to the outside world.

Tortoise reminds us of the importance of grounding our thoughts by not letting our minds wander too far off in the clouds of fantasy but, rather, focus on what’s actually present.

-Tanya Casteel


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I want to hear about your Tortoise experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Temitope Kolawole

    I had a dream of a small tortoise holding unto the tip of my cloth but later leave my cloth and find itbwsy to a bush happily

    • Sheldon Benjamin

      A tortoise physically appeared at my Garden gate yesterday afternoon. My wife gave the tortoise water, which it happily accepted. it was a creature of wild beauty and dignified grace.

  2. Amanda

    I have a regular gopher tortoise visitor in my yard. He kept on our second lot, then one day walked straight to my feet. There he stopped and made eye contact then went about his way. The next day getting out of my above ground pool was waiting at the base of the stairs. I got mad at him because I almost stepped on him. Then the last day, the next day, as I went to pick my sons up from school was in the middle of our road and kept trying to go under our van. I got out and shuffled him along to the side of the road he was headed. The second encounter was when a second tortoise came onto the property and was instigating a fight. As an animal lover my husband went out and stood as a barrier but for some reason every day after I worried about “ocean” (what my three year old named him), and feared never seeing him again. He still visits randomly, doesn’t come close but also not cower at your presence, at least in our yard.


      I heard a dream relating to that too,…I asked a man I want to buy meet but I saw Bush meet with him earlier but instead of given me Bush meet he deep his hand in his pocket to give me tortoise that has no shell and the animal called idiot too that has no tick layer at back.
      Pls what’s the meaning ?

      • Hector Salas

        I was using the restroom outside as a young kid and looked over and seen a giant. tortoise till this day not sure if I was dreaming or not

  3. Swapnashastra

    Thanks for sharing the info. These are really valuable points u have shared.

  4. Dale

    Can tortoise be used spiritually to restore homes or anything pertaining to relationships? I want to know

  5. Niseema

    I just woke up from a dream where I was in a circle of sorts where I was offered powered tortoise medicine. I was offered it after I was asked why I wasn’t interesting the other medicines. I had said that I was afraid of the lack of control. What is beautiful about this dream is that I am a it of a tortoise. I am slow and I like to take my time. When I’ve moved too fast I’ve made bad mistakes. It feels like an embracing and acceptance of my true nature. One conflict I have it that I feel like I’m surrounded by hares. Their speed both terrifies and intrigue’s me.

  6. murugaiah

    i iwas looking a house site cleaning by using a JCB machine.. at that time asmall tortoise was moving near front wheel of theJCB. SUDDENLY i shouted tostop the JCB .But the driver could not hear my sound due to engine sound. The front wheel pushed totoise below the ground. i concluded it asdied.. iprayed God that it should not die .after 3 minutes it came above the gound and mooving . i happy and ran near the Tortoise and i lifted it and piaced it nearer to water channel. It stared mooving and gone.. I thanked God. wisdom, presence of mind, using the scurity guard [top shell] whin us for esccape, living with Preset condition only [donot think future and past] are the the learning points for me……murugaiah..Tenkasi

  7. Pamela

    I have a tortoise called Hungry Horus, Horus has not hibernated for years but I believe that nature is trying to help our planet. I’m a spiritual person have been since I was young it’s just been recently that I gave the society jobs up through illnesses and helped me get back on track
    I believe the my tortoise and the pyramids are linked I believe we have a lot more power than we know of. We only use a third of our brains so once you open up the other parts we could be more powerful and help heal earth and the planets
    Today we are missing what the world is all about, it’s about love
    All I see around me is greed, needs, and wants it’s saddens my heart
    These mobile devices are doing more damage to our population and planets more than what we know we are building up to much electrical frequencies it’s numbing our children and making them blind to see what is going on in the climate change and all the artificial food we are being fed
    We need to open our eyes more and our brains to heal the planets

  8. Leah M.

    I just bought a tortoise statue yesterday. It has scuffs on it and the clerks insisted that I get a clean one. I wanted the one I chose. I am currently in the process of closing out a chapter and beginning a new one and having manifestations come slow and steady. No rush. No worries. 🙏🏻

  9. Olusola Agboola

    Dreams are symbolic and can assist a lot in understanding circumstances, situations and comprehend some trouble spots stored in our subsconcious.

  10. Js

    I had a dream I lifted a tortoise up and it had eggs under it and someone was eating them a telling me to eat them but I refused

  11. sapne mein

    Thanks for sharing the info related to tprtpose. These are really valuable points you have shared thanks you my friend

  12. Carmen

    I was at 49palms oasis trial. I saw a tortoise walking away from the oasis somewhere by the middle of the trail and after the man made steps going into the trail! That tortoise had no qualms with us humans! I was freaking out so shocked and amazed! I screamed, “Noooooooo” as in ma way but I was in awe so that’s all I could blurt out! Lol I scared other people walking the trail ahead of us. The tortoise just kept getting closer and closer then passed me…it was soooo close to me a REAL LIFE wild tortoise WOW! I knew not to touch it because of our yucky germs. We continued to watch the tortoise to see how it would manage the steps but it just went off roading into the hill. I’m still tripping any time I think of that experience! Lol I’m usually quiet but man oh man was I loud and jumping after that experience!


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