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Scarab Beetle symbolizes renewal, the Sun, and astrological mapping.

Some Scarab Beetles feed off of living matter, but most consume organic waste, participating in a rapid recycling process which benefits all beings on Earth. They are a vital part of cleaning, renewing, and purifying our planet (much like Vulture is).

They also aid in seed dispersal, nutrient cycling, and soil structure biodiversity.

Scarab is bringing rich nourishment to your life and asking you to compost the physical and energetic space around you so that we can all benefit from this process of rebirth.

Scarabs have a strong connection with the Egyptian Sun God Khepri (“he who has come into being”). The Egyptians associated the Scarab’s process of rolling dung balls with the rising Sun, a new day, a new life. Conveying ideas and imagery of transformation, renewal, and resurrection throughout their culture.

Roll up the “waste” from the day and let it be the seeds of nourishment for the future.

Scarab Beetles are nocturnal and extremely sensitive and aware of astrological alignments. The African Dung Beetle is the first known species to actually navigate by patterns in the Milky Way! Are you paying enough attention to the Stars? Look up and let them illuminate a path for you.

-Tanya Casteel


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    You are amazing! Thanks for putting out good vibes, knowledge, insight & wisdom! Your paintings are beautiful! You are very talented!

    Just wanted to spread the love!


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