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Ant symbolizes order, collective-mind, and persistence.

Through their discipline and order Ants show us that to achieve a larger vision or collective goal, each individual must do their part and focus on their own personal task. Every tiny part matters to the whole.

By holding a collective vision and communicating with the team, we can organize and focus ourselves to stay on task. No one stresses about the timeline or outcome because each individual knows and trusts that those around them are each doing their part, even if their mission looks different from others’.

Ants are skilled architects and build complex communities. Through patience and persistence, they teach us how to construct the life of our dreams.

Are you looking for any shortcuts? Have you spent an appropriate amount of time laying a stable foundation for your dreams to be manifested? Are you worried about what others are doing or are you focused on your own soul’s journey?

-Tanya Casteel


Ant spirit animal meaning

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I want to hear about your Ant experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


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