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Spider symbolizes creativity, storytelling, spirals, and inner divine union.

Spider is a master storyteller and creative force. You can weave a story, get stuck in it, and find your home covered in old cobwebs. It’s time to clean up your perspective. Sweep and burn away the stories that clutter your mind and space. Instead of getting tangled up in ideas, focus on your creative energy to write a new story for yourself. You are the weaver of your life and dreams.

Spider is patient. It spins a web from inspiration then waits for nourishment to come to it and only takes action once it’s approached in its web of alignment. No need to force, push, scheme, or hunt. Set your web of intention and feed on it. Just as Spider feels the vibrations of movement through each strand of its web, you’ll feel the intuitive call to action when something is truly aligning.

Spider is very connected to spiral energy and uses this pattern in the construction of its web. Use the power of the spiral to journey deep into your shadows to bring wisdom into your life as you spiral in and out.

The more willing and less resistant you are to feel the pain of your shadows the quicker you’ll be able to go in and out of this natural spiral process, which will continue to happen for you throughout life. You can’t avoid the spiral transformation that you’re on, so embrace it. Also, notice that as you go around the spiral that you gain a new and greater perspective than you did the 1st time you went around the center point. You’re ever expanding.

Animal Shaman Ted Andrews notes that “Spiders’ two-part abdomen (different from insects) forms the shape of infinity, this aspect, paired with Spiders‘ eight legs, gives the number 8 significance for anyone with a Spider appearing as their totem. In numerology, the number 8 is shaped like an infinity sign and represents balance and power”. Most specifically the balance of masculine and feminine energies within you. People who fear spiders, actually fear to look at the balance of the divine union within themselves as well as the false stories they’ve created for themselves and the responsibility to be able to write a new story.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Spider experiences. What stories or dreams have you had? Please share and join in the conversation below!


  1. Nils Whittelsey

    Spider came to me on a VisionQuest, watching the spider weave her web. I went home and pulled out a loom that had been gifted me years before. And I started weaving, Creating fabric out of fibers as the spider creates the web of life. What a glorious world we live in the animals are our ancestors.Helping us to remember our souls purpose on this journey

    • Tanya Casteel

      Yes Yes Yes! I love how spider inspired you to weave and you listened. Thanks.

  2. Melinda Blackwell

    LOVE your Tarot Deck – beautiful images and connective descriptions. I have many animal decks, and several Horse decks; I use them with every group gathering at EQuus Insight where we work with at-risk youth ……all the way to highly successful entrepreneurs. Our counselors, mentors, and teachers all have 4 legs. What began as Equine Assisted Education for Leadership has morphed into a variety of rescue critters; beyond our equine herd our teachers are llama, alpaca, pig, goats, donkey, chickens, dogs, cat, and all the wild ones who visit during sessions. Clients pick and read a card before we head to the paddock; after session, they reflect upon the message and review the metaphors and learning they experienced. Your deck will be an awesome addition to our work and or offerings.

  3. Tirzah Shiya

    I just discovered your site from looking at mantis art. I’m really admiring your beautiful, magical content! When I lived on Maui, I had a spider friend just outside my window near my bed. I watched her often, the way she weaved her own web, kept only what she wanted, kept so still even in wild winds, and was the center of her existence. She really inspired me. Thanks for sharing these messages and gorgeous art! Blessings, Tirzah

  4. Melony Stanton

    I have been intrigued by spiders my whole life. I feared them as a small child. And as I got bigger I would catch them all different kinds and let them live in habitats I made them in my room. As I got even older I would write tiny letters and hang them on spiders webs I found in the house. Welcoming new ones to the house. Or asking the ones that lived there for some time to not be in my bed. Asking them if they needed anything to let me know. I’ve always set them free after I stopped keeping them. I speak to them when ever I see them. Sometimes I dream about them. I tell my grand daughter all spiders are granny’s friends. So be nice to them and leave them alone or they will tell me. . I do not know exactly why I am connected to them. But there is definatly a connection.


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