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Raccoon symbolizes balancing curiosity, disguise, shape shifting, resourcefulness, stealth, secret, and seeker.

Through the masks you wear you can become adept at changing identities to protect and transform yourself, but remember to stay connected in self awareness so you know when you’re being dishonest with yourself.

Raccoon is a borrower, resourceful in nature, but not a thief. Whatever is borrowed will be returned, exchanged, or born from you into a new gift to the world.

As Raccoon washes its hands and food, it gives thanks and reminds you to be grateful and let yourself receive the gifts being offered to you by the universe.

Raccoon is constantly trying to balance its curious nature between excitement and trouble. Raccoon asks you not to become blinded by your curiosity, but to use it as a strength to problem solve and thrive in new experiences. Play and seek through life.

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