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Coyote symbolism: paradox, playfulness, adaptability, humor, and wisdom.

Coyote is a jokester. Encouraging people not to take things too seriously because we can’t control everything.

Coyote is well practiced at embracing the unexpected with joy. Adapting to what life brings by coming at it from a joyful angle.

Sometimes Coyote people are misunderstood as not fully understanding the full weight or importance of a serious situation.

This is not true. This positive playful perspective is the beauty of Coyote’s medicine. You can bring shadowy topics to light with humor.

You can gain attention and interest from others as you use playful antics to you share your wisdom. Reminding everyone to laugh at themselves.

Choosing trust and pleasure instead of worry and stress. Inspiring people with hope instead of fear.

Coyotes are able to escape their predators by their excellent swimming abilities. Are there skills you could develop or utilize to outwit your competitors?

 They also regulate their body temperature by panting. Remember to take moments to breathe deeply during the day. Especially during times of stress.

-Tanya Casteel


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  1. Brittney

    Late at night for the last couple months I hear the coyote call. And last night I heard it outside my house it seemed. The call felt like it had some form of magic or cosmic power. I kinda feel like it’s trying to tell me something. Like a warning, maybe.

  2. Jack Gandee

    A white coyote crossed my path. What does that mean?


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