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Otter spirit animal symbolizes laughter, joy, playfulness, curiosity, friendship, the inner child, and sharing. Otter is the master of play, knowing that life is a gift and a game, and too short to spend time worrying.

Otter finds purpose in enriching and supporting the happiness of others and loves accomplishments of others as much as their own. Otter easily finds space for others in their life and assumes the best in everyone.

Otter can detach from their problems, yet stay curious about them in order to find helpful answers without fretting. Otter reminds you to relax, let go of concerns, and go with the natural flow of life.

Reconnecting with your inner child allows you to embrace joy and curiosity in every present moment, making it possible for you to accept all the “good” and “bad” in your life. This results in the manifestation of an endless cycle of acceptance, love, and freedom.

Otter lives a well-rounded life by honoring the fact that everyone and everything has the right to exist just as they are. Otter allows their own life and the lives of others to unfold naturally.

Otter asks you to rediscover your playful side and to focus on nurturing your talents first, so that you can make good use of them in bringing joy to others. Drop the seriousness and play with life.

Lessons In Wild Play

Nature is a master teacher. Research your animal’s habits in the wild and try playing & acting as it. How could this help shift your experiences?


  • Otters like to sunbathe during the day, and they are active at night. Try relaxing and soaking up energy during the day and playing or working at night.


  • Otters are closely related to badgers & skunks, so the symbolism of these animals may be helpful to you as well.

Call on Otter


Invite Otter into your life. Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Embody the skills of your power animal and share your unique gifts with the world.

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