Spirit Animal Discovery

How do you find your spirit animals?

There are several methods for finding your spirit animals.

I offer a unique experience to connect you with your spirit animal guides. Through my visual meditation practice, I’m able to go on a journey to meet with the spirit animal who most wants to work with you at this time.

I offer a “discovery video” which tells the story of what I experienced during my visualization.

It comes packaged in a personalized Ebook for you! Filled with reflections, symbolism, and ways to integrate your spirit animal’s wisdom into your life.

Peek Inside Your

Spirit Animal Discovery



    • Beautifully decorated with watercolor paintings by me.

    Spirit animal guidance describing the symbolism and medicine for your spirit animal.

    Lessons in wild play: We can learn a lot from nature. I share a few ways your animal acts in the wild and invite you to ‘play’ like your animal.

    Symbolism card. Downloadable image of your spirit animal paired with its main symbolism.

    Painting process video. Watch your spirit animal being painted (if available – it usually is).

    Offers for discounts in my art shop and the opportunity to commission your own custom painting.

    Your discovery video!!! It starts with a mini introduction to my visualization process. Then I tell your personal discovery story! I share what I saw and experienced during my meditation. I record this part right after I come out of my meditation so it’s as fresh and authentic as possible. No edits or reshoots are done. Lastly, I offer you some intuitive reflections about what everything could possibly mean, and offer you ways to integrate the spirit animal’s guidance into your life.


    I never know what’s going to happen before I go on a visual meditation. Even when I think I might know, my imagination, intuition, and spirit guides take me to unexpected places.

    It’s best for us both to have no expectations going into this process.

    Trust what is revealed.

    Even if it’s an animal or insect that you’re not a fan of or maybe it frightens you. It still has important wisdom to share with you.

    landscapes can be wild and strange or the environment can be quite normal and ordinary. Sometimes there are lots of animals present. Other times only 1 animal shows up. Sometimes they’re very chatty, but usually, they stay silent and communicate through symbols or body language.

    No circumstance is better than another. Each experience is exactly how it’s meant to be and holds specific meaning and medicine for each of us.

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