Cosmic Animal


Art Cards

(only $6)

Cosmic animal ART CARD with symbolic writing in the mail each month to inspire and guide you.
Pull a card each day/month, hang them up for decoration, give as gifts, or bring them into your meditation practice.

Large double sided 4x6 glossy cards with rounded corners. One side features a painting of a cosmic animal and the other side provides written symbolism and guidance. The art for each card was originally hand painted with watercolors in a Galaxy night sky style. All the art and writing was created by Tanya Casteel.

Monthly Levels:

  • $1 (or more) – Support my artistic process
  • $6 Cosmic Animal Cards. Receive 1 Cosmic Animal Art Card in the mail each month. Comes with a velvet drawstring bag to collect all guide cards in.

      How The Membership Works:

      • Sign up through my PATREON page (a wonderful site that organizes all of my members for easy shipping). Choose your Membership level – click “Join”, and sign up!!! You can adjust your membership through Patreon at any time.
      • On the 1st of every month, you will be charged your membership fee through your Patreon account. Patreon gives a 5-day window to make sure all charges are completed, then I ship out your cards on the 6th of every month. Your membership won’t start (and you won’t be charged) until the 1st of the following month.
      • **Cards can only be mailed within the USA**


      Question: How are your Monthly Art Cards different from your Wild Messengers Tarot Cards?

      Number of cards:


      • Some of the animals are the same and some of the animals are different.


      • Art cards are 4 x 6 inches
      • Tarot cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inches

      Backs of cards:

      • Art Cards have symbolic writing on the back for each individual animal.
      • Tarot cards have all the same snakeskin backs.



      • Each Art card has my symbolic animal writing on the back.
      • The tarot cards come with a separate guidebook written by Lola Pickett. None of my writings appear in the tarot guidebook. Our writings complement each other. They are different and similar at the same time – expanding on the depth of animal wisdom.

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