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Ready to go on a Journey to meet with Cosmic Animal Guides?

Travel on a visual meditation journey with me to meet with the animal guides who most want to “speak” with you at this time or receive guidance from current animal messengers you’re already working withYou get to guide the journey by setting your own personal intention.

Whether you have experience with animal messengers or not, I will take you on a wild adventure to receive insights from cosmic animal guides that wish to connect with you. This journey can offer a new way to understand your relationship with your guides, yourself, life circumstances, humanity, and nature. I can even journey on behalf of your children to meet with the animals that wish to connect with them. You can learn more about what animal messengers are here.

Through my visual meditation practice, I’m able to fall into a deep lucid dreaming state where I can see and experience a world filled with symbolism and guides. I would love to share this world with you.

With this reading, I offer a “Journey Video” where I share the story of what I experienced during my visualization and offer intuitive meanings for you.

Your Journey Package:

  • Intuitive interview form & intention setting. Opportunity for you to share with me about your connection with nature and to submit a personal intention to guide the journey. You fill this form out online before your meditation session begins.
  • Journey Video. It starts with an Introduction to my visual meditation journey process. Then I’ll share what I saw and experienced during the meditation so you can “journey” along with me. I record this part right after I come out of my meditation so it’s as fresh and authentic as possible. No edits or reshoots are done for the journey section of the video. After I finish describing the journey, I offer intuitive reflections… I walk us back through the journey to discuss the possible meanings, symbols & metaphors I came across. Basically explaining what this could mean for you and how you could use this guidance in your everyday life.
  • Symbolic animal resources: guidance describing the symbolism and meaning of all the animals that showed up during the meditation journey.
  • 8 Ways To Work With Your Animal Guides PDF. Learn how to form a relationship with animal guides and integrate their wisdom into your life.

Yes, please journey with my animal guides!


Tanya’s Cosmic Animal Reading has been such an enormous gift in my life. I received my reading in March and I’m STILL integrating and gleaning wisdom from all the information she sent. I’ve been undergoing a massive transformation in my life and asked that she journey to see what animal wished to assist me during this time. The videos she sent of recalling the journey then her interpretation of the journey were mind blowing! The level of detail, not to mention how many colors, other animals, locations and items resonated with me personally before she even reached the animal who wished to assist me  – was incredible. The animal who I’ve been working with since then is Cormorant. I knew little to nothing about this bird before my reading. Today I went and sat near a Cormorant rookery. It was absolutely magical. Tanya’s reading not only gave me personal insight but also gave me such an immense appreciation for this creature. I would highly recommend working with Tanya – she’s immensely  gifted, an incredible artist and shares a wealth of information – it is SO worth it. Thank you Tanya!
Terri Lynn Perry

Olympia, Washington, Massage & Breathwork Therapist

I requested a spirit animal journey from Tanya during a major life transition. The information she brought back for me was exactly the guidance I needed. It was so personal to what was happening in my life – a beautiful way showing. And I was delighted to understand that the connection I’d built a few months before with a live version of the main spirit animal present in Tanya’s vision was no coincidence. The guidance it had for me was hugely helpful. The videos Tanya provides, in addition to her beautiful painting and insightful write-up, were both compelling and useful. It was like I was in the journey with her! I highly recommend this work with Tanya.
Kristen Elliott

Seattle, Washington, End of Life Midwife

OMG!  I just cannot thank you enough for helping me to find my spirit animal.  You are truly talented, gifted and such a beautiful light.  Your energy on camera is amazing!  What a light you are. The way you presented the entire process from how you began the journey of finding my spirit animal to the story/journey of the symbolism and explanation of the animals that came forward during your journey meditation and then to have it all typed and documented is truly a gift that I will cherish forever.  I was so beyond pleased with everything about the entire process.  I had always felt like it would be a bird of some sort, so I guess in a way my spirit guides knew (which is why I have always felt it).  To have you confirm this for me is so wonderful.  It makes me happy!  There are not enough words to express my gratitude
Jackie Linney

Houston, Texas

I’d been working with my power animal wolf for a while when I had this niggling feeling something else was scratching for attention. Immediately I thought of Tanya, knowing she’d be able to uncover the mystery and glean the rich wisdom I seek. I honestly can’t say enough about the vivid and informative journey she took on my behalf. Tanya’s ability to describe and illuminate the details and info was almost beyond my comprehension in the present moment. It was powerful and has given me oodles of things to feel into, work with and investigate further. If you’re interested in learning more about your spirit animals or even if you don’t know what you don’t know yet, Tanya’s your go to girl for an exceptional experience. She’s given me the gift of clarity with my new power animal White Bengal Tiger along with ways to explore my own inner workings. Thanks again Tanya! Forever grateful.
Shannon Nicholson

Firefighter, Canada

Tanya blows my mind!  Her journey to feel into my spirit animal around my sacred sensuality resonated very deeply with me.  She is a vessel of the divine.  As playful otter entered my life & I began to commune with him ripples of change have radiated into me.  These ripples have opened me up to my pleasure & true power more fully & create more intimacy in my marriage & relationships. I am deeply grateful to Tanya for creating a bridge to know myself better!
Shannon Ledford

Honor the Feminine Podcast, Asheville, NC

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