Find Your Spirit Animal – Medicine & Meaning

When I say, "Find your spirit animal". What I'm really saying is:

"Step in to your true self"

You and your spirit animals are one in the same! We each have a unique team of spirit animals that guide us through life (if we're listening). Each of them shifting into position when the timing is right.

You can also call on the powers of a particular totem animal to help you through specific circumstances. The animal spirits are here for all of us.

Indigenous people were highly attuned and connected to nature. They were able to witness the behaviors of pants, animals, and seasons to gain wisdom, medicine, and healing. We all still  have this same ability today! It's all there inside of YOU.

Let's reawaken this intuitive ability.

So how do you find your spirit animal?

  1. Lots of "animals" can be your spirit animal. Even insects, extinct animals, and mythical creatures! Domesticated house and farm animals can also be spirit animals, but their powers are usually a dimmer version than that of their wild counterpart.
  2. You don't choose your spirit animal; it chooses you.
  3. Is there an animal that keeps showing up for you in your life or dreams? Are you noticing them? Sometimes we don't - this was my case with Raven, but once I became aware, I see Raven everywhere!
  4. Is there an animal that you're afraid of? There is medicine to be had in fear. It could be trying to get your attention. Maybe this animal wants you to learn something?
  5. You can discover your own spirit animal by yourself, by going on your own shamanic meditation journey.
  6. Your spirit animal can be revealed through a well considered questionnaire that is interpreted through a practiced intuitive.
  7. If you have a resonating connection with an animal tarot card deck you could find your spirit animals there.
  8. A shaman can also find yours for you.

How to connect with your spirit animal guides? And what does it mean once you find them?

What do you do??? Notice them, act/play as them, research their unique qualities, honor them by carving a sculpture or hanging up imagery of your animals. Basically, pay attention to the animals you see around you in life. They each have a direct message and medicine to share with you in the way they act and present themselves specifically to you. Exercise your intuitive muscles about their meanings by trusting yourself!

Let's inspire your imagination and intuition to come out to play by connecting... 

Nature - Art - Stories

Who's My Spirit Animal?

Find out who your main spirit animal guide is.

Coming soon...

Paint My Spirit Animal

I would love to paint an animal for you to be a source of inspiration to live an enchanted life lead by your intuition.


Spirit Animal Team Reading

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Find My Spirit Animal Package


  • Reading
  • Painting
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Meditation
  • & More...


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Ask My Spirit Animal

Submit a question to your spirit animal and I'll meet with your spirit animal  during a visualization meditation and record a written response for you.

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Paint Your Spirit COURSE

Awakening through art. Learn methods and mindsets to connect with your spirit animal and intuition through creating your own painting.

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