What is a spirit animal?

Lots of “animals” can be spirit animals. Even insects, extinct animals, and mythical creatures!

Domesticated house and farm animals can also be spirit animals, but their powers are usually a dimmer version than that of their wild counterpart.

A spirit animal is an archetypal energy that represents specific attributes, styles, personalities, gifts, shadows, and wisdom for interacting in our world.

These energies can be seen represented in animals, insects, mythical creatures, and wildlife here on earth. When they are paired with people they form their own unique bond to best meet that person’s needs. Not every Wolf Spirit will show up the same for each Wolf person. Each Wolf individual will get the wisdom & medicine from Wolf in the perfect way for them.

When we start viewing ourselves and others with animal characteristics, it opens up a new way to find empathy and understanding.

When we witness the behaviors and patterns of plants, animals, and seasons to gain wisdom, medicine, and healing. We just need to start listening and noticing how connected we all really are to all aspects of this planet.

Let’s reawaken our intuitive ability to connect.

We each have a unique team of spirit animals that guide us through life (if we’re listening). Each of them shifting into position when the timing is right.

We usually have a few main guides that stay with us through the course of our life, but it really depends on your circumstances. You can churn through several or just stick with one.

I want to clarify that a spirit animal does not necessarily represent your current personality (although it can in many ways). Many times, your spirit animal is a guide that helps bring balance and needed skills to your life’s toolbox.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to animals that you’re afraid of or disgusted by. Your resistance to them might be because they are trying to get your attention to tell you something you don’t want to hear, but need to. 

You don’t choose your spirit animal; it chooses you. This IS true but I want to point out that you CAN call upon a spirit animal to help you. If you’re going through a unique circumstance in life, your main spirit animal guides will be there for you, BUT you can always call on the powers of a particular animal to aid you. For example, if you wish to practice your abilities to put up non-aggressive boundaries for yourself you can ask Skunk to help you.

How To Find Your Spirit Animal?

Or… how to notice your spirit animal finding you.

I like to think that we find each other.


#1 Awareness:

Start paying close attention. Is there an animal that keeps showing up for you in your life or dreams? Are you noticing them? Sometimes we don’t. Are there any animals or insects that you’re afraid of? There is medicine to be had in fear. They could be trying to get your attention. Maybe this animal wants you to learn something? Are there characteristics that fascinate you about certain animals? Are you constantly researching Octopus? Once you identify an animal who might be your spirit animal (not necessarily your favorite animal that you want to be your guide, but one you suspect WANTS to work with you), then you can ask for confirmation. You can do this by asking the universe through prayer, or by setting an intention through a meditation or for a dream to come to you before bed. If this animal comes to you multiple times after requesting confirmation you can trust it as your spirit animal guide at this time.

Check out the Cosmic Animal Library to learn what meanings your animal has for you. Plus join in the conversations in the Libary to share your own animal stories!

#2 Meditation:

You can discover your own spirit animal by going on your own visual meditation journey. Set a clear intention to connect with your main spirit animal. It’s helpful to ask for confirmation using this method as well because a variety of animals can come to you during a meditation, but the one that keeps showing up or makes an obvious display will be your main spirit animal.

#3 Oracle Decks:

If you have a resonating connection with an animal tarot/oracle card deck, you could find the spirit animals that have a current message for you. Oracle decks are usually best for inquiring about what animals have a message for you NOW or on that particular day, not necessarily ideal for finding your main spirit animal guides.

#4 Guided help:

A shamanic practitioner or skilled visionary can get you connected with your spirit animal. As an intuitive seer, I can connect you with your spirit animal(s) through my visual meditation practice, and provide intuitive reflections and guidance to help you integrate your spirit animal’s wisdom into your life. Learn more about my Spirit Animal Readings. 

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