Spirit Animal Reading

Ready to meet your spirit animal?

If you are newer to spirit animals or you’re curious about who your main spirit animal is, I offer a discovery process that is just right for you.

Through a shamanic interview process, I’m able to intuitively feel what spirit animal wants to guide you.

Your spirit animal Discovery comes packaged together in a PDF which includes symbolism & meaning about your spirit animal and ways to integrate its teachings into your life.

Included in the Discovery Package:

  • Spirit animal guidance describing the symbolism and meaning of your spirit animal.
  • Lessons in wild play: We can learn a lot from nature. I share a few ways your animal acts in the wild and invite you to ‘play’ like your animal.

  • 8 Ways To Work With Your Spirit Animal. Learn how to form a relationship with your spirit animal and integrate its teachings into your life.
  • Virtual Totem Card. Downloadable image of your spirit animal paired with its main symbolism. Put it on your desktop, phone, print it, or pin it to your Pinterest board as a way of staying connected.
  • Offers for discounts in my art shop.
  • Invitation to join my private Facebook group where our tribe discusses all things related to spirit animals, dreams, wildlife, and shamanic journey meditations (and playful cute animal posts, of course).

Yes, please connect me with my spirit animal!

Investment $65

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