Art & Watercolor Paintings

My galaxy style watercolor paintings are an offering to you as a source of inspiration to remember who you are, to trust your intuition, and to use your unique gifts.

I’m interested in the tension that’s created when we dance with what WE want to happen VS what actually WANTS to happen. As I paint, I play with this balance by creating an animal container for water, color, and Spirit to flow in. Then I bring these skills forth to practice in my everyday life.

“Rainbow raindrops fall through my brush,

Dripping, splashing, flowing onto the page,

Held, supported, and loved by animal shaped containers,

Water, Color, and Spirit dance within its boundaries,

This is what wants to happen,

We remember. We Trust. We Shine.

Custom Painting

I would love to paint your favorite animal or spirit animal in a galaxy night sky style.

Available in 3 different sizes with color choices.

9x12, 16x20, 22x23 inches

Each painting comes with its own “guide card” explaining the animal’s symbolism.

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Painting Videos

custom spirit animal original watercolor painting

Watch the magic happen in action

Splash & Dance…

Watch my watercolor process

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